The newest yoga trend on our radar? Glowga!

May 18, 2015


We’re always on the lookout for a new take on practicing – and right now we have glowga on the brain!

Glowga is practicing in near-darkness with only black and neon lights for illumination during the class – or should we say party?

Jam out while getting grounded with this unique style of class that offers combinations of rock n’ roll, glowsticks, and your favorite poses! Classes come in a variety of styles from Bikram to Vinyasa and are quickly spreading across the country.

The benefits? Practicing in a darker setting with less visual input heightens your brain’s other senses and increases awareness of those senses to help your body keep its balance while practicing.

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Getting Started with Meditation

May 15, 2015


You’ve heard for years that meditation has amazing benefits, and you’ve always meant to give it a try, but never gotten around to it. Sound familiar? There are a lot of reasons that you might be reluctant to start a regular meditation practice – maybe you think you don’t have enough time in the day, or maybe trying to quiet your mind for 20 minutes sounds like an impossible feat. But the benefits are undeniable, and it turns out that meditation is way easier than you think!

Here are a few reasons to finally give meditation a try:

  1. You don’t actually have to “clear your mind” while you meditate

The idea that meditation involves clearing your mind of all thoughts is one of the main reasons that it sounds so difficult to beginners. But it’s not necessarily true! Even Deepak Chopra says, “The nature of the mind to move from one thought to another is in fact the very basis of meditation.” Allowing your thoughts to flow freely as you meditate is fine, and over time you’ll get comfortable with letting each thought slip by without dwelling on it too much.

  1. Meditation can improve your sleep

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve insomnia, fatigue and even depression. This type of meditation in particular involves focusing on your breathing or on a positive word or phrase such as “Om” or “Relax.” Again, you don’t have to clear your mind, but try to let go of worries about the past and the future. With a little practice, this causes a relaxation response which can be used at bedtime to help get a longer and fuller night’s sleep.

  1. Meditation improves creativity and problem-solving

In our modern world, where many of us can’t sit still for 5 minutes without checking our phones, the practice of being still with your own thoughts can have great benefits. If you’re feeling overworked or mentally exhausted, it’s the perfect time to take a few minutes for a gentle meditation. For one thing, calming your emotions can help you get some perspective when you’re feeling too stressed out. On top of that, research has shown that regular meditators have better luck thinking outside the box and coming up with new and creative solutions to problems. Because of this, meditation can actually be a time saver! Why spend hours struggling with a mental block when you can get relaxed and boost your creativity at the same time?

  1. It’s not a big time commitment

You can start meditating for just a few minutes a day. To begin with, you’ll want to make yourself comfortable. You may wish to stretch lightly beforehand, especially if you meditate first thing in the morning. Wear loose or stretchy clothes that don’t pinch or bind. And sit comfortably – try a meditation cushion on the floor, or even just your bed or sofa. Once you’ve had some practice meditating, you may want to work your way up to 15 or 20 minutes a day, but there’s no hurry – be kind to yourself, and enjoy!

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Yoga before hopping your flight?

May 11, 2015

Now that’s something we can get behind!

Let us paint what is likely an all too familiar picture for many of us: you’re stuck in an airport, waiting for your final connecting flight back home, and you’re exhausted. There’s been far too little sleep, far too many inconveniences along the way, and all you want to do is relax, unwind, and get some peace and quiet.



Now you can! A growing number of airports are providing a quiet, calm room specifically designed for yoga and meditation during your travels. Some of the first airports to get on board with this zen movement have been San Francisco, Heathrow and O’Hare, and now even more are recognizing the amazing effects of yoga and are adding their own yoga rooms.


San Francisco Airport Yoga Room


These rooms are particularly beneficial for large airports where connecting flights and long layovers are common, and airports have been increasingly aware of the stress that can come from these long, arduous journeys. Their response? A place where travelers can rejuvenate and revitalize in a healthy way for body and mind.



Barefoot Yoga Sari Pattern Eye Pillows


Barefoot Yoga Sari Pattern Yoga Mat Bag

If you’re a traveling yogi, we highly recommend checking out your airport before traveling to see what accommodations they offer – as well as bringing an eye pillow along for even more relaxation!


All Barefoot Yoga eye pillows come with a zippered carry case, which makes them a soothing and relaxing prop easy to carry with you anywhere. We also recommend bringing along some Stretchy Mat Straps, a lightweight Sari Pattern Yoga Mat Bag, and some easy-to-use Yoga Mat Wipes to help keep the props you bring on your travels organized, smelling great, and easy to access!


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