Breaking In Yoga Mats

It’s not always easy finding the right yoga mat for your particular body and practice; everyone is truly unique! However, one thing we highly recommend is having patience with your new mat, before giving it the boot.

Nearly all mats on the market today, including the eco-friendly yoga mats, have a breaking in period. This period can vary, depending on the mat, usage, exposure to certain elements (think sun or salty, ocean air), and extra steps the owner can take to speed up the process. New mats nearly always have a factory layer on them that needs to be wiped off, prior to usage. The factory layer is there so that when the mat is unrolled for the first time, it doesn’t pull itself apart. The layer can be easily wiped off with a wet towel.

Here are a few other options for removing the factory layer and speeding up the breaking process:

  1. Wipe the mat down with a heavily diluted vinegar/water mix or biodegradable soap/water mix. This will help remove the factory layer, as well as eliminate common mat odor. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly, as to not create a new slippery residue on the surface.
  2. Salt Scrub – wipe your mat down with a mixture of salt and warm water, using a cotton cloth. Then rub again with just warm water to remove any excess salt.
  3. Leave the mat unrolled in a very warm room for a few days to help the surface become stickier.
  4. Use your mat! Working the material via your practice and wiping it down after each use will help break in the mat.

Normally, mats will get better and better the more you use them. If you’re having trouble finding a new mat that provides enough stickiness, even after the breaking in period, you may want to consider an alternative. We suggest using a Mysore Practice Rug or Skidless Yoga Towel, both of which can be used in conjunction with a mat. Another option would be the Yoga Grips, which are also great for traveling.

Please always feel free to contact us via email or phone for yoga mat advice.


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This post was written by Barefoot Yoga on March 31, 2010

Product of the Month: Mysore Practice Rugs

Commonly asked customer question: I am constantly slipping on my Yoga mat in class. Which mat has the best traction?

Mysore Practice Rugs

Mysore Practice Rugs

If you don’t already know about the Mysore Practice Rug, look no more. Just lay a Mysore Practice Rug over your mat and you will find your solution to slipping, ta da!

Our popular Cotton Yoga Mat was originally created by Barefoot Yoga co. in 1998.  It was inspired by the heat producing practice of Ashtanga Yoga and our teacher Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India, who insisted we practice on this cotton rug each and every day we were there.

These Cotton Yoga Mats do the trick of preventing slipping. They actually get better with moisture, imagine that!

They’re easily washable in a normal washing machine (wash cold and hang to dry). You can even bring your rug to class a bit damp for optimal traction). They are made with chemical free dyes and are 100% biodegradable.

Arguably,  Mysore Rugs are one of the most eco-friendly yoga mat options available. We’ve achieved what many say is the best textured surface for yoga through many years of practice and working with our weavers in India to produce the highest quality and most beautiful selection available. See our huge selection online here or visit the many stores and studios who carry our rugs .

You will love the feel of this traditional cotton yoga mat under your feet as you practice Trikonasana and Downward Dog while staying grounded and present with your breath.

As always, enjoy the Yoga.


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Dear Barefoot Yoga Friends!

Thanks for checking out our new Blog!  Welcome!

We love this time of year… the coming of Spring…Hooray!

More time now to get to Yoga class after work or throw open your Yoga rug on a patch of grass and have a nice afternoon practice while the sun is still in the sky, the air is just starting to become fragrant, and the evening is open for new possibilities.  Enjoy it.  It is just the beginning of even longer days and soon to be warm summer nights.


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