Original Eco Yoga Mats – beautiful and eco-friendly!

Our Original Eco Yoga Mats are all back in stock, and people can’t stop talking about them! They are simply one of the best and most earth-conscious yoga mats available today. The Original Eco Mat is composed exclusively of all-natural rubber and jute fiber. There are no chemical additives used. It is excellent for any consistent practice of Yoga. Its rubber underside grips the floor while the jute fabric/rubber mix on top offers superb traction – even in a heavy sweat. It is a highly durable, tactile, and pleasantly natural surface to practice on — and might remind you of walking barefoot on the earth.

One reviewer raved:

“I am so happy that I found a yoga mat that is not only efficient but also extremely environment-friendly. This mat is pretty to look at, durable, and comfortable to work with. I would recommend it to any of my friends or family members interested in yoga.”

Another satisfied Original Eco Mat user said:

“I bought this mat after a lot of reasearch. This one was difficult to get as it is out of stock in most places. I finally got one, and its truly amazing. Its got a nice texture, not too soft and not too rough. And it has a very good grip. I placed it on the floor and found some poses difficult (i need a little more cushion as I am a newbie). I usually use 2 yoga mats in classes, so I placed this one on a thin carpet and it was perfect. Its rolls and unrolls easily and occupies very little space. its light enough to be carried out. Also, i got the green color and it looks amazing!”

Visit our website to learn more about the Original Eco Mat, and view some of our other eco-friendly yoga mats, such as the Barefoot Hybrid Eco Mat, the Barefoot Natural Jute and PER Yoga Mat, and the E.C.O. Mat by Prana!

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Cotton Velvet Yoga Mat Bags

Barefoot Yoga Co. was born out of sincere admiration of yoga and the desire to inspire its practice. The original yoga mat bag was designed in 1996 by the founder of the company, while traveling in India. Our durable Yoga Mat Bags are expertly crafted in India from an exotic assortment of quality fabrics, including traditional Indian patterns, solid colored cotton, lush cotton velvet and 100% hemp.

Cotton Velvet Yoga Mat Bag in Classic / Magnolia Pink

Cotton Velvet Yoga Mat Bag in Classic/Magnolia Pink, with Barefoot Natural Jute and PER Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

Our Cotton Velvet yoga mat bags have been a big hit with customers who love luxurious fabric but still want the practicality of a sturdy yoga mat bag.

One happy yogi says:
“Have had my eye on this bag for a while with its material, quality and style in mind. I have a Manduka black mat, and it fits perfectly!! Would also be great for a smaller mat for additional room. Love the color (and the others offered are great too), and the pocket is a wonderful addition so that I can go into class with keys and not have to carry another bag.”

Check out our variety of yoga mat bags on our website now!

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OMgirl Yoga Pants

OMgirl’s Nomad Pants are some of the most popular pants that we offer on our website. People love them for practice, or just for lounging around the house. These are the kind of pants you LIVE in! They are soft, ultra comfortable and fit beautifully!

One happy customer says of the Nomad Pants:

“These pants are fantastic. They are a thinner sweatshirt material (not cheap/see-through thin, just comfy thin) and I want to wear them all day every day. The little skirt that covers the bum is genius. No more VPL! I have them in black and navy. I am 5’4″ and about 1″ of the hem pools on the ground. Not sure if I could wear them outside without dragging. However, the hem is such that if you trim it, it won’t unravel, so you could trim if you wanted to. Moral: you need these pants.”

… and we absolutely agree! Browse the rest of our OMgirl Yoga Clothing, including must-have yoga clothing staples like OM Practice Pants, Nomad Leggings, Ashtanga Tanks, and Practice Camisoles.

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Yoga Supplies for Summer + Travel

Here are our recommendations for items that will make it easy for you to take your yoga practice with you wherever you go this summer  – whether traveling or practicing in a beautiful natural setting.

Designed for yogis on the go — lightweight and thin, folds or rolls to fit easily in your suitcase.

Super absorbent for sweaty workouts, and very compact for travel. In a wide assortment of chakra colors.

Stay cool and feel good this summer in our OMgirl and Prana yoga tops, pants, shorts and skirts — for men and women.

100% Cotton Yoga mats.  Highly absorbent and fold compactly for travel. The Original Yoga Mat from India.

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Lotus Zafu Meditation Cushions on Open Sky

Barefoot Yoga’s Lotus Zafu Meditation Cushions were recently featured by motivational speaker, life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein on OpenSky, and got over 70 “Loves” from shoppers!

Barefoot Yoga Lotus Zafus

Lotus Zafus in Slate Blue, Green, and Lilac

Gabby says about our zafus, “If you want to meditate and reconnect with your inner self, you need more than a good breathing technique. You need proper support! Instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor (ouch!), invest in a meditation cushion. The cushion helps align the spine so that the hips and legs aren’t hurting by the end of your meditating.”

Our Lotus Zafu is a symbol for new beginnings, transformation and renewal. The Zafu is perfect for sitting meditation and pranayama practice. Simply sit on the Zafu in a “easy pose”-cross-legged position. This elevated pelvic tilt creates length and alignment to the spine, enabling openness to the chest and lungs. It is also great for giving your back that extra perfect stretch.

Check out Barefoot Yoga’s other Yoga Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, and Meditation Pillows on our website now, and get comfortable!

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Ashtanga Yoga Rugs

Savasana on a Barefoot Yogi Rug at Jois Yoga Greenwich.

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