Ujjayi Breathing

Yoga BreathingUjjayi breathing is a technique used in Taoist and yoga practices. Sometimes also known as the ‘ocean breath’ because of its sonorous quality, it is done by breathing through the nose, passing air at the back of the throat, making a ‘rushing’ sound. Ujjayi breathing is calming and balancing. It increases oxygenation and builds internal heat. The breath allows the practitioner to build energy, maintain a rhythm, and clear toxins from the body. It helps to slow the breath down, to focus awareness of the breath and to keep the mind from being distracted.

I have used this technique when I was a nanny. When the kids are restless or hyper during nap times, I’ll focus on my breath. When you are anxious or agitated, the kids pick up on it. Calming yourself is the first step. They say ujjayi breath is similar to the breathing of a new born baby. Ujjayi breath works just like a ticking clock to simulate the sounds a baby hears in the womb. The ”rushing’ sound also works like white noise. Very soon the kids will take on the rhythm you set, taking longer breaths and calming themselves, and off they go to dreamland. Try it and let me know if it worked for you!

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Grace’s Pick of the Week: Marla Top by PrAna

Grace’s Pick of the Week is the Marla Top by PrAna: “I love the full coverage it offers, with removeable cups. It’s Bluesign certified which means highest standards were adhered to for environmental health and chemical and safety management. It has an attractive princess seam in front which means no binding around the waist. Made of a quick-dry jersey material, it is suitable for all active sports.”

Marla Top by PrAnaMarla Top by PrAna

Visit www.barefootyoga.com to shop for the Marla Top, as well as more new PrAna clothing for fall!

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Using the Wall as a Prop

It is very common to use props in a yoga practice. Yoga Props help with alignment and do the pose that is right for your body. There is no stronger prop than the wall. It is there like a steadfast friend, always at your back, or wherever you need it most. Use the wall with you legs straight up the wall for sivasana or to help you square your hips in warrior 3. There are so too many poses you can do at the wall to mention here but it will certainly help with your practice.

Sivasana Warrior 3

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Sam’s Pick of the Week: Hemp Yoga Bolsters

Samantha’s product Pick of the Week is our Hemp Yoga Bolsters: “These bolsters are a great eco-friendly option, made with hemp and recycled cotton batting. They come in both rectangular and round styles, and include an easy carry handle and removable covers for washing.”

Round Hemp Bolster

Visit www.barefootyoga.com for our Hemp Yoga Bolsters, as well as our popular Rectangular Yoga Bolsters in 100% Cotton.

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Barefoot Yoga’s Inspiring Teacher of the Month:
Anne Phyfe Palmer

Anne Phyfe PalmerOur teacher of the month for August is Anne Phyfe Palmer. Anne Phyfe is the founder of 8 Limbs Yoga Studios in Seattle, Washington. She opened 8 Limbs in Oct of 1996. Since then, 8 Limbs has been at the center of a bustling yoga community in Seattle. Currently there are 4 locations.

Over the last 17 years, 8 Limbs has become more than a business and a yoga school. It is an urban community for people looking for connection in our busy city. Anne Phyfe puts out a monthly newsletter that is insightful and inspirational. Not only is Anne Phyfe a shaper of our Seattle yoga community, but she is a dynamic yoga teacher whose classes explore a wide variety of disciplines. In addition to acting as Education Director of 8 Limbs, Anne Phyfe teaches yoga classes and trains other teachers through the 8 Limbs Yoga 200 and 500-hour Teacher Trainings and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training. She collaborates with and supports her fellow teachers to maintain high standards of teaching and content and to offer 8 Limbs students many paths to travel on in their yoga practice.

Anne Phyfe’s main yoga teachers include Rod Stryker and Sarah Powers – two of the many teachers she brings in to her studio regularly. I have always enjoyed her creative classes, and look forward to future ones. And, the 8 Limbs boutique has always been a great showcase of Barefoot Yoga products. When you come to Seattle (hopefully in the summer) – take a class with Anne Phyfe at 8 Limbs.

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This post was written by Barefoot Yoga on August 14, 2013

Have a Relaxing Summer with Meditation and Yoga

Summer can fly by quickly and the busyness of the season often leaves people tired and stressed. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your calm!

  • Take 10 minutes to yourself – Grab a Zafu Meditation Cushion or just lay with a Silk Eye Pillow and give yourself 10 minutes of quiet to yourself. Clearing your head of details and clutter for a few minutes can enhance your calm and focus!
  • Listen to guided meditation or soothing music – if quiet doesn’t work for you, try some soothing music or a guided meditation CD to give your mind some direction at a slower pace.

To shop for more relaxing yoga products, visit www.barefootyoga.com!

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Grace’s Pick of the Week: The Yoga Mat Tie

Grace’s Pick of the Week is a new product: The Yoga Mat Tie: “Made 100% in the good old U.S.A.  A luxury mat tie that is quick and easy to use. Made with as much sustainable materials as possible, these handsome ties have a wooden ball with a stretchy string attached. Fits all standard size mats.”

The Yoga Mat Tie The Yoga Mat Tie

We offer the Yoga Mat Tie in three attractive colors: Blue, Maroon and Olive. Check out the Yoga Mat Tie as well as our Stretchy Mat Straps and other Yoga Accessories at www.barefootyoga.com!

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