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Posted by Barefoot Yoga on September 21, 2010

Melina Meza has been inspiring students through her Hatha style yoga teaching for over 16 years now. She is also the co-director of the 8-Limbs Yoga Teacher Training in Seattle, assisting aspiring instructors in their practice and delivery. If you ever have the chance to attend a class or retreat by Melina, we highly suggest doing so! Her style has been beautifully influenced by well-known yogis (Sarah Powers, for starters), as well as her nutritional studies at Bastyr University. She has truly refined the “Art of Sequencing“, which is the title of her first book. A sequel to this book is in the works.

Coincidentally, Melina appears in this month’s edition of Yoga Journal magazine. In addition to her book, she is also the creator of the DVD series, “Yoga for the Seasons”. The first DVD in this series is titled, “Yoga for the Seasons: Fall Vinyasa” and is now available and received an honorable review by Richard Rosen in Yoga Journal:

“Melina Meza has what I consider to be the three important “I” qualities: She is intelligent, insightful, and inspiring. The premise behind her DVD series, Yoga for the Seasons, is that the content and pacing of our daily yoga practice should be tailored to the energetic quality of the time of year. This DVD presents her full practice: an 8-minute instruction on engaging the bandhas; a 4-minute tutorial that shows the basics of foot placement, pose form and self adjustments; a 45-minute vinyasa sequence; and a 9-minute agni (sacred fire) practice, which is essentially and abdominal-strengthening sequence. Well conceived and well executed as this sequence is, I’m not convinced it would be any less beneficial if practiced in winter, spring, or summer. Except for the agni practice, which will give many students a run for their money, this sequence is recommended for all moderately experienced students…no matter what the season.”

To learn more about Melina and her workshops, teaching schedule, and offerings, visit her website. We recommend signing up for her e-newsletter, which is always full of wonderful teachings and recipes!

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