Lotus Zafu Meditation Cushions on Open Sky

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on June 7, 2012

Barefoot Yoga’s Lotus Zafu Meditation Cushions were recently featured by motivational speaker, life coach and author Gabrielle Bernstein on OpenSky, and got over 70 “Loves” from shoppers!

Barefoot Yoga Lotus Zafus

Lotus Zafus in Slate Blue, Green, and Lilac

Gabby says about our zafus, “If you want to meditate and reconnect with your inner self, you need more than a good breathing technique. You need proper support! Instead of sitting cross-legged on the floor (ouch!), invest in a meditation cushion. The cushion helps align the spine so that the hips and legs aren’t hurting by the end of your meditating.”

Our Lotus Zafu is a symbol for new beginnings, transformation and renewal. The Zafu is perfect for sitting meditation and pranayama practice. Simply sit on the Zafu in a “easy pose”-cross-legged position. This elevated pelvic tilt creates length and alignment to the spine, enabling openness to the chest and lungs. It is also great for giving your back that extra perfect stretch.

Check out Barefoot Yoga’s other Yoga Cushions, Yoga Bolsters, and Meditation Pillows on our website now, and get comfortable!

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