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Posted by Barefoot Yoga on September 28, 2010

Fall always feels like a wonderful time to start something new. It’s no wonder Yoga studios are packed this time of year! If you are new to Yoga, now is a great time to start. Most studios offer new student discounts and often feature a series of classes for beginners.

Barefoot Yoga  offers a Beginner Yoga Package discount, and we’re happy to help you find the right Yoga mat and props for your practice. Just give us a call or send an email!

If you have been doing Yoga for years, we encourage you to take a moment to think back on your first class or Yoga experience. Was it scary, exciting, relaxing? Did you like it right away or did it take time to get used to? How has Yoga influenced you, since that time?

Here are a few memories from the Barefoot Yoga staff:

“I started doing yoga because at age 27, because of back and neck pain from a disk removal.  A yoga teacher/friend of mine showed me a brief  sequence of poses that took about 30 minutes, and she drew stick figures alongside the names of the poses for future guidance.  Because the routine was relatively short, it was not overwhelming for me to do it on my own.  Almost instantly, it made me feel much better. The more I did it, the better I felt. Life has only gotten busier, particularly with the birth of my daughter three years ago.  I do brief spurts of yoga everyday, but the 90 minute classes are few and far between. Twenty years of yoga deeply informed my body mechanics in all activities, which has dramatically improved my overall well-being.   But after all these years, why is it my most sustained and effective practice was at the beginning? Perhaps this is simply an example of what yoga teachers refer to as beginner mind.  So now, after 20 years of yoga, I seek to reclaim that beginner’s mind.” – David Benninghoff

“My  sister and I were at a camping ground in Switzerland in 1999, when she first introduced me to Yoga. While we traveled around Western Europe, she taught me all the Yoga postures that she had recently learned, while studying in India. I loved it and started taking classes, when we got home. At that time, I was a ballet dancer and found yoga to be a good supplement to barre exercises. Nowadays, it’s a huge part of my lifestyle. My most recent Yoga memory is also with my sister, the morning of my wedding. She’s now an instructor and taught a gentle class in my parents’ backyard. The class was short, but it stayed with me all day and reminded me to be aware and open to all the emotions such a big day encompassed. Yoga is a gift!” – Bromley Autier

“I had bought a six-week beginners Yoga package in Seattle (The center for Yoga w/Richard Schachtel) and went with a friend every Wednesday night for a two hour class. He had us stretching in all directions with supportive props. Being a runner since childhood, I had trouble touching my toes. It really was a strain for me to reach down, without bending my legs.  I remember being in agony and thinking ‘I can’t wait for this to be finished’.  During Savasana, my eye lids wouldn’t stop twitching. I remember feeling a sense of bliss in this posture, yet not fully relaxed.  The teacher said to me in one of the sessions, ‘keep at it and this will really change your life’, and I remember thinking he was “New Age-y”. I was cynical.  I look back on that now, after deepening my practice over an 18 year span, and can only say the same to everyone new to Yoga…just practice, no matter how stiff you are, or how tired you are.  In time,  it will change your life and open you up to every opportunity imaginable.” – Kelly LeFebvre

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