Eco-Friendly Resolutions for Earth Day

Earth Day

Walking the walk of committing to eco-friendly living – not just talking the talk – is sometimes easier said then done. Below are some of our favorite simple but effective ways to help the environment this earth month, and all year long!

1. Save Water and Energy

Save Water and Energy

We’re sure you’ve heard this time and again, but that’s because it’s true!

Don’t brush your teeth with the water running, and always turn off the lights and heating in a room before you leave to conserve energy. And, unless it has to be plugged in – unplug it! That goes for everything from phone chargers to curling irons.

2. Support Eco-friendly Businesses

Support Eco-friendly Businesses

As eco-friendly product options become more and more widespread, we say take advantage of them!

Taking the time to support local and earth-friendly businesses will pay off not only for your community, but for the environment as well.

And, if you’re looking for eco-friendly yoga props, clothing, mats, and more – Barefoot Yoga has got you covered. With our 20% off site wide earth day sale it’s a great time to save on all of your yoga needs!

3. Recycle and Compost Anytime You Can

3.	Recycle and Compost Anytime You Can

Taking that extra moment to separate out your compostable and recyclable items so that they don’t end up in a landfill – and are instead able to be reused – is always worth it!

It’s also a great earth-friendly idea to invest in a reusable travel mug, as well as grocery bags, towels, and other reusable items to replace those that so many of us use and throw away every day.

4. Be Aware of How You Travel

Be Aware of How You Travel

If there’s a walking or biking option, go for it! Or, if travel by car is required, consolidate different errands and destinations to make your car trip as economical as possible.

5. Spread the Word

Spread the Word

Educate others. Simply spreading knowledge on the benefits and easy ways of living an eco-friendly life can have a great impact on those around us, and in turn, the planet!

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This post was written by Carolina on April 22, 2015

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