Summer Yoga Festivals

It’s festival season, and if you’re a community-minded yogi, you have a wealth of options for great yoga festivals to attend! Grab your yoga mat, and let’s take a look at some of the most popular and interesting yoga-oriented events coming up in July:


1. Wanderlust




One of the biggest festival series in the United States, Wanderlust comes to both Colorado and British Columbia in July. Each of their retreats takes place at a beautiful and natural resort, and you can experience yoga, meditation, workshops and a number of other activities geared towards the festivals’ active and mindful participants. You’ll also enjoy performances by notable musical guests – in the past, Wanderlust has hosted artists like Moby, Girl Talk, Michael Franti and Ziggy Marley!

2. Telluride Yoga Festival




Also in Colorado, there’s the Telluride Yoga Festival. Nestled in the majestic Rocky Mountains, you can enjoy yoga practice in a huge variety of styles, along with Ayurvedic workshops, group hikes and Reiki instruction.


3. Yoga Festival Berlin

For European yogis, Berlin’s Yoga Festival is coming soon! There will be dozens of inspiring guests and speakers, focusing on a number of topics and disciplines including Buddhism, meditation, detoxification and Kundalini.


4. cOMmon Grounds Yoga and Music Festival

Yoga and music go hand in hand! The annual cOMmon Grounds Yoga and Music Festival takes place at a picturesque campground outside the Twin Cities in Minnesota. There are daily yoga classes and concerts of course, but the festival also offers evening movies, drumming circles, hiking, biking and more!


5. International Tantra Festival


Tantra Festival


This festival, dedicated to the ancient practice of Tantra, will be held at a beautiful resort in Estonia, with lakeside camping available to all attendees. This program focuses on both the spiritual and physical aspects of Tantra, inspiring its participants to fully embrace life and love with a broad range of workshops.


6. Northwest Yoga Feast


NW Yoga Feast


And back in our neck of the woods, we have the Northwest Yoga Feast in northern Idaho – that’s right, it’s now Yoga Feast, not just Yoga Fest! Featuring Seattle-based chef Karrian Neal, this event will feed both mind and body. The chef’s menus focus on “conscious consumption” and are all vegetarian and vegan. But the yoga doesn’t take a back seat to the food – there are tons of classes, ranging from Acro Yoga to Vinyasa.

And for yoga on the go, check out Barefoot Yoga’s convenient yoga mat bags, which are perfect to tote all your festival necessities this summer!


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This post was written by Lauren on June 29, 2015

5 New Things to Try this Summer

It’s that time of year again – summer has officially begun! Time to break out your practice rugs, your sunscreen, and – particularly if you’re in the Pacific NW like we are – a comfy pair of sandals for trekking from yoga class, work, and all around town!

Summer is a beautiful time of year, and a great time to try out new things. With the warm weather and long hours of daylight, it’s the perfect time for both outdoor adventures, and taking time for some top notch relaxation.

Below are some of our favorite ways to get active, have fun, and nourish the body, mind, and soul during this gorgeous time of year.

1. Get planting



Gardening outdoors is a lovely way to soak up the sunshine and put time and effort into planting produce for a bounty of delicious fall crops. Not to mention that if you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard, planting trees and soft grass can be an amazing way to create your very own secluded yoga oasis!


2. Try a new style of yoga



It’s wonderful to find a style of yoga that speaks to you, and if you’ve been going to that same hot yoga class every week for the past six months, that’s awesome! But, if you’re looking to change up your routine with a new class, summer is a time of year ripe with outdoor yoga classes – which makes it easy to try out a spur of the moment class. Or, even try sampling a style of yoga that’s always caught your eye but you’ve never explored, such as newly-on-the-scene aqua yoga, or a Kundalini class!


3. See the world (or at least a little of it)



Get out of town, and see some new sights! If you’re able, catch a quick weekend getaway to your local state park for some camping and outdoor poses, or even explore one of many upcoming summer yoga festivals! Yoga festivals, which run all year round but are especially popular during the summer months, are a great way to explore your practice, listen to amazing live music, and connect with fellow yogis.


4. Invest in a sustainable, healthy food plan



Have you found yourself ordering veggie Thai takeout one too many times, or eating a whole thing of hummus and some carrots instead of cooking a real meal? If this sounds like you, think about trying out a body and budget friendly meal plan this summer! A healthy diet filled with fruits, veggies, nutritious whole grains, and lean proteins is essential for any yogi, and can help tremendously with energy levels, mental clarity, and feeling fresh all day long. Not to mention that planning your meals for the week and cooking from home is a great way to save a buck that could go towards that yoga festival! Check out this refreshing and delicious tomato and cucumber salad to get started.


5. Try something new




This one is pretty straightforward – simply try something new! Whether it’s starting a journal, biking to yoga class instead of driving, or taking a photography course, try something new (big or small) that serves body and mind. Learning and exploring new things can be a fulfilling and valuable way to discover new passions, connect with others, and get to know yourself better.


Whether you’re just beginning your yogic journey, or if you’re simply looking for an awesome new practice rug or pair of leggings to spruce up your practice, Barefoot Yoga has got you covered! Come visit us today at, where we offer the freshest styles and a wide selection of truly authentic props.


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This post was written by Carolina on June 24, 2015

Ayurvedic Practices to Beat the Summer Heat

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, everyone is starting to look for ways to beat the heat. The ancient and holistic practice of Ayurveda offers some great insights about cooling down with delicious and nourishing foods. Eating right can reenergize you, stabilize your mood, and keep your body and mind refreshed.




Here are some great Ayurvedic insights to cool you off this summer:


  1. Balance your energies by managing your Pitta

In Ayurveda, there are three doshas, or energies: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Every person has a mixture of these energies, which can increase or decrease depending on environmental factors. Pitta is the energy which controls the body’s metabolism. Other qualities of Pitta include heat, sharpness, light, and acidity. To manage Pitta, which is more prevalent in the summer months, you can realign your diet to include more Pitta-balancing foods.




  1. Cooling foods doesn’t necessarily mean cold foods

While drinking a smoothie can be a great way to cool off, you don’t necessarily have to eat cold foods only. Food that is naturally sweet, astringent or bitter can also decrease Pitta. Beans and whole grains are great in the summer, as well as cooling spices like cilantro, fennel and coriander.


  1. Summer foods should be light and easily digestible

You’ll also want to stick to food that’s easily digested, and avoid heavier things like refined carbohydrates, red meat and deep fried food. Avoid overly salty or sour foods, as well as very hot spices like chili or cayenne. Cooked food is generally easier to digest, so look for a good balance of both raw and freshly-cooked whole foods in your diet.




  1. Ayurveda isn’t just about what you eat!

There are other ways to balance your Pitta besides changing your diet. Engage in calming activities like practicing yoga and meditation, visit the outdoors for a relaxing stroll, and wear clothing made of natural fibers like cotton or silk. Alcohol and stimulants such as coffee, tea and cigarettes are also best avoided.


For meditation supplies to help cool down and balance your energies this summer and year-round, visit!


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This post was written by Lauren on June 12, 2015