Upward Dog Days of Summer


Sometimes when summer life heats up, yoga time takes a hit. What’s needed is a jumpstart – a friendly push off the dock – inspiration to UP your summer yoga game. So challenge the Downward Dog Days of summer, unroll your mat, and lighten UP your Yoga practice. Here’s how:

  • Disrupt


If your practice is stagnant, change it!  Switch the time of day –Sign up for a class or festival if you have been practicing at home – Practice somewhere new – Try new poses – Alter your routine – Take that private class with your favorite instructor.  Disrupting your practice is about upgrading your Yoga experience.


  • Upgrade


Are you still using your first mat from five years ago? If so, it’s time for an UPGRADE! Sometimes inspiration comes with the motivation a new MAT or Yoga RUG can bring. Internally associate and connect your new mat as the turning point to your fresh new yoga path.

  • Discipline

For many, Yoga takes more than just motivation. It takes discipline. Yoga isn’t always about what you WANT to set your mind to; Disciplined Yoga is about the ACTION taken to achieve your yoga. The discipline vs. motivation philosophy, when properly applied, can help you focus for all aspects of life. Practicing discipline with Yoga might be the first step towards achieving your spectrum of goals and aspirations.

  • Share

Let your peeps on social media know your Yoga! Take a Yoga Selfie. You may find lost friends leaving comments over your shared interest of Yoga. Reply back by suggesting an afternoon filled with Yoga, Picnic, and Park. Socializing Yoga might bring out that extra inspiration to practice!


  • Barefoot


Take off your shoes: Because Yoga.


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This post was written by Patrick on July 22, 2015

Yogis & Tattoos: A Beautiful and Personal Expression of Yoga, Art, and Spirituality

Tattoos can be a way of expressing many things – belief, spirituality, personal growth, memories, love, and much more. They can be used to mark a significant event in a person’s life, or as an expression of an important value or ideology.

Tattooing has been practiced since Neolithic times, and its importance seems likely to extend far into the future.

There are many symbols that resonate and have meaning for yogis across the globe, and as a form of deeply personal and artistic expression some decide to add one, two, or many, of these beautiful and significant designs to their body.




1. Om symbol


The sacred mantra, believed to have first been used in the Upanishads. Om represents all that has been, is, and will be.


2. Hamsa

download (1)


A sacred design symbolizing protection from the evil eye, and blessing the wearer with strength and power.


3. Pink Lotus Flower



In Hinduism, the pink lotus flower, also know as Padma (the sacred lotus), represents beauty, purity, divinity, and the expansion of one’s soul. It is a symbol associated with many Hindu gods and goddesses, such as Lakshmi and Vishnu.


4. Just Breathe



Focusing on breath is an intrinsic part of yoga practice and meditation.


5. Namaste


A greeting used often by Hindus in India, as well as many people internationally. A respectful, warm, and welcome greeting used for both hello and goodbye, namaste is used as an expression that honors the light, beauty, and divinity in the person you are directing it towards.


6. Sanskrit Wording


Sanskrit wording from ancient yogic texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita, or simply Sanskrit wording meaningful to one’s self, is a striking and meaningful tattoo.

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This post was written by Carolina on June 22, 2015

Top 6 Ways to Finally Keep that New Year’s Fitness Resolution

1. I think you know where I’m going to start with this: Yoga! Integrating yoga and meditation into your New Year’s fitness regime helps in bringing the peace of mind that you can achieve your goals. Even 15 minutes in the morning before a whirlwind Monday can ground and center you for the day ahead.

2. Forgive yourself. Saying it is not as simple as doing it, but forgive yourself. Didn’t make it to that early hot yoga class? Ate a brownie for lunch instead of some healthy fruits and veggies? Don’t sweat it. Learning to take it easy on yourself and enjoying the less healthy stuff in moderation will help you to build the self love and confidence to make those healthier choices because you know you’re worth it.

3. Have fun! Just because you’re trying to be healthier this year (aren’t we all?) doesn’t mean life needs to be stricter or less exciting; in fact, getting exercise, eating well and feeling great should make life more exciting! Pull out your mat and do some sun salutations in the park on the way home from work, take a spontaneous weekend getaway with your girlfriends to that B&B you’ve been dying to go to! Loving the fun and spontaneity of life will make you feel capable of anything, whether it’s going on that getaway or finally getting up for that Ashtanga class.

4. Make your resolution a natural part of daily life. Often New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside because they aren’t a sustainable part of our daily lives. The key to making them sustainable is naturally integrating them into your life. Find a fitness regime that works for you-something you’ll enjoy and something that isn’t going to add a stressful aspect to your life (yoga anyone?)

5. Want to do it. To me, one of the single most important elements of a successful New Year’s resolution is the drive to do it. If you don’t want to do something, why do it? Every person has different kinds of systems and routines that work for them and finding yours will feel amazing and empowering.

6. You’re not alone. Everyone wants to treat their bodies well and feel great, and for some of us that’s not an easy step to take at first. Remember that you’re not the only one!

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This post was written by Carolina on February 5, 2014