Come To Our Huge Yoga Sample Sale In Seattle
This Saturday at Barefoot Yoga Headquarters

Attention Seattle Yoga People! (and Friends anywhere)

Barefoot Yoga Co. is having a huge Yoga Product & Clothing Sample Sale this Saturday, June 15th from 10am to 6pm at our office and warehouse in the Fremont area of Seattle.

We’ll be offering hugely discounted deals on thousands of products from 15 years in the business, including one-of-a-kind yoga product samples, as well as second-quality and new merchandise such as yoga clothing, yoga mats, yoga props and accessories.

There will be products available for as low as under $1 and $2, and we’re offering a coupon for $1 off your sample sale purchase, so you can get a free item, or put it towards a bigger purchase! (see coupon below)

Barefoot Yoga Sample Sale Flyer


$1 off CouponClick here for printable $1 off coupon

We’ll also be having a sale for 25% off everything on our website, with no shipping charge when you pick up your purchase. So take advantage of incredible deals on both samples and new merchandise this Saturday!

Barefoot Yoga is located in Seattle at 307 Nickerson Street on the south side of the Fremont bridge. Our sample sale runs on Saturday, June 15th from 10am to 6pm.
We hope to see you there!

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Sam’s Pick of the Week: Glass Flip-Top Water Bottles

Samantha’s yoga product pick of the week is our Glass Flip-Top Water Bottles. We recently began selling these attractive and durable bottles, and they’re already a big hit with both our customers and the staff here at Barefoot Yoga! Samantha says, “Just in time for summer to keep you hydrated, these Glass Flip-top Bottles are BPA/phthalate-free and come in a silicone sleeve. The new narrow-mouth spout is a great no-spill design. These bottles are dishwasher safe as well.” You’ll notice that water tastes fresher and stays cold longer in glass bottles.  You’ll love them!

Glass Flip-Top Bottles
Flip Top Bottles Flip Top Bottles

Check out our glass flip-top bottles, classic cap glass bottles, and other helpful yoga accessories at!

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Grace’s Pick of the Week: Hematite Mala

Grace’s yoga product pick of the week is the Hematite Mala: “What is a mala (Sanskrit for garland)? It is a set of beads, traditionally 109 of them, used to focus awareness while meditating. In some types of meditation, it is used to keep count of a mantra. My pick of the week is the hematite mala. Hematite is said to relieve anxiety, aches and pain, improve blood flow and strengthen the immune system. It is associated with the root chakra.”

Hematite Mala

Check out our Malas, Yoga Inspired Jewelry, and other Yoga Accessories at!

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