Yoga Trends: Office Yoga

Yoga continues to grow in popularity throughout the world, and many workplaces are getting on board! As part of corporate wellness initiatives, companies including Apple, Google, Nike and General Motors have begun to offer yoga classes for their employees.

Benefits of yoga in the office include overall health improvements, stress reduction and promoting a community atmosphere among coworkers. Regular practice can increase productivity, concentration and energy levels throughout the work week. Office yoga is designed to be entry-level and low impact, so it’s easier for beginners and those with limited flexibility to participate and see the benefits of regular practice. It also helps to lessen the effects of sitting at a desk all day, where issues like neck strain and carpal tunnel can begin to take a toll.

Want to get a yoga program started at your office? First, you’ll need a quiet and comfortable room that’s large enough to accommodate your employees. You can set aside a lunch room, conference room, or other space that will be free during the class period. And of course you’ll need an instructor! Yoga Alliance is an excellent resource to find instructors in your area. Finally, each participant will need comfy clothing, as well as their own yoga mat, towel  and water bottle.

For all the supplies you’ll need for your office yoga program, visit!

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This post was written by Lauren on August 10, 2015

Barefoot Yoga Favorites: The Festival Look We Love

Although the back-to-school (or work!) time of year is fast approaching, let us not forget that we’re still in the sweet spot of summer – perfect for beaching, paddleboard yoga-ing and yoga festival going!

Take a look at our fav picks below for a yoga festival look that brings together style and function seamlessly.

The Look:



For any festival go-er (yoga or otherwise!), day to night mobility is a must – and the look above captures exactly that. Pair the vibrant and fun Practice Pant Ink Brush OM with the Mindful Tank Lucky Bamboo for a combination that offers extra warmth on your legs when the cooler evening temperatures set in, but will keep you cool with the lightweight tank during the hotter parts of the day.

Feeling extra chilly in the evening? Throw on a stylish and supremely comfortable Hybrid Wrap for extra warmth!


The Accessories:

Hmmm…where to start?

How about with the basics – mats!


For a mat that’s lightweight and easy to keep clean on the go, our favorite is the classic Hybrid Mat. Throw in a pack of Yoga Mat Wipes for a sweet smelling mat even in the most outdoorsy of settings!

And, for an even more comprehensive collection of props to address all your festival needs – whether you’re squeezed into a not so roomy tent or practicing solo on a grass hill – try it paired with a Mysore Practice Rug! This is our go-to yoga superstar for ultimate slip resistance, traction, and texture.

(Looking for a combo deal? Check out our Yoga Packages!)


To top off your ensemble, throw all your props into a stylish and sturdy Indian Pattern Yoga Mat Bag (the classic Panipat Pattern pictured above) and hit the road!

Or, for a super soft feel, try out our Cotton Velvet Mat Bags. They’re sturdy, breathable, and made from 100% cotton, but with the plush feel of velvet.

Velvet 2

Come visit us at today to find all of your festival needs!


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This post was written by Carolina on August 7, 2015

Yoga Revival – Week 6: Yoga Warm-up



I kicked off week 6 of my Yoga Revival with an outdoor yoga session. I have a slight nagging pull in my right upper hamstring from when I “came out of waterskiing retirement early in July.” I feel its presence when bending forward, and so I brought a tennis ball to my yoga mat to massage it along with all the muscles in that lower back and buttocks region. It is a meditative challenge to breathe through such deep massage, and I followed this with gentle hamstring stretches – laying on my back, using a strap while extending each individual leg straight up, then about 45 degrees to the side.

I was happy to feel extra flexibility when I began my standing asana practice. Along with the sound of birds and breeze in the trees, my warm up helped create a grounded feeling that only deepened through my whole 50 minute practice. I have used the tennis ball to knead out sore muscles in a couple of practices since Sunday, along with a brief warm-up using a strap – with similar positive results. I find keeping it brief is helpful, because when I get too comfortable, it becomes harder for me to get going on my sun salutations – which require fortitude, tenacity, and sweat.

Since getting back into a regular yoga practice at the beginning of the summer, I have spent more time doing the “in between” poses that sometimes have been neglected in my yoga practice. I do have some of that type A inclination to jump into things quickly – that fervor over Pattabhi Jois’s call to action – “99% practice, 1% theory.” But I find an extra breath with a lift here, and a pressing down there – is always beneficial. And so in between my first forward bend, and jumping or stepping back to “Chattarunga,” I am conscious to take a moment to lift my knee caps, press down with my heels, and lift my toes and my sternum, while looking up – before going into a deeper forward bend. Sometimes I go up and down like this 5 times before continuing.

And there’s no question – my asana practice is a good warm up for sitting meditation. I try to end all of my asana sessions with at least a 5 minute sitting meditation, followed by sivasana. So my well-used 15 year-old sari zafu was with me, and I ended my practice with a sitting meditation, followed by sivasana.

I’m still trying to work out my life schedule in a way where yoga fits in more naturally and automatically. These days I generally cram it into my very busy life with some difficulty. But even crammed in, I always feel better from yoga practice, and a little warm up goes a long way.


In this picture sits my 15 year-old sari zafu on top of my 1/8” hybrid eco-mat, which sits on top of my Jammu rug.

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This post was written by David on August 6, 2015