Yoga Trends: Paddleboard Yoga



Keeping your balance during practice on dry land: sometimes challenging, but pretty manageable. Keeping your balance during practice on water? A whole different story.

A recent yoga trend that’s caught our eye is “yoga on water” (A.K.A. standup paddleboard yoga) which provides a sometimes not-so-sturdy surface to really beef up on your balance and strength.

It also offers a truly unique, meditative – and some yogis have said spiritual – experience by providing a very close connection to the outdoors while practicing. Feeling the water all around while practicing can provide an amazing and brand new feeling, with your feet planted firmly on the board and the gentle current of water underneath.

Some yogis feel it offers a brand new way of feeling grounded – more of a temporary stillness that is always changing with the tides and might offer a sudden flash of instability, quelled by an almost as sudden stillness.

Another great benefit of paddleboard yoga is the extra kick your muscles get from keeping steady on the board! Your body will feel the burn (in a good way, we promise) from the extra strength and care needed to stay “on board”. (A tip for the easiest way to keep your balance? Use small, slow movements when moving from pose to pose!)

While paddleboard yoga may seem like more of a stateside trend, it actually originated in Rishikesh, India! It began as a new way for yogis to get their OM in, and has grown in its popularity within the past few years as an awesome way to mix up and reinvigorate any practice.

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This post was written by Carolina on July 30, 2015

Yoga Trends: Laughter Yoga


Laughter Yoga, also called Hasyayoga, was created in 1995 by Indian doctor Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri, a yoga instructor. The Katarias created laughter clubs that met in the parks of Mumbai, and soon the concept grew into a worldwide phenomenon. Today there are thousands of groups in dozens of countries!

The practice of Laughter Yoga combines yogic breathing, stretching and laughing as a form of exercise. It has many benefits, such as relieving stress, reducing depression, improving cardiovascular health, and enhancing the immune system. When practicing, it’s not necessary for participants to have something funny to chuckle at; even simulated laughter has the same benefits as a genuine belly laugh. And as practitioners quickly find out, with good eye contact and an open mindset, even self-generated laughter quickly turns into the real thing when you’re practicing with a group.

To participate in Laughter Yoga near you, you can check out a number of websites including Dr. Kataria’s website and And for all your yoga needs, visit!

“We are paying very high price for taking life seriously. Now it’s time to take laughter seriously.”

– Dr. Madan Kataria


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This post was written by Lauren on July 24, 2015

Featured Studio: Yoga Center of Minneapolis


Founded in 2000, Yoga Center of Minneapolis has become an important fixture in the city’s yoga community. Their mission is “to make yoga accessible to everyone at every stage of life,” and they truly deliver on this goal by offering classes ranging from their Absolute Beginner Class to advanced teacher training.

They have a number of specialty programs, including a class for plus-size men and women which was created by Yoga Center’s founder, Jennifer Gray. The class promotes the idea that “Every Body is a Yoga Body,” and helps students to gain confidence and reduce anxiety. Another fun and popular class is Happy Hour Yoga, a one hour slow flow Vinyasa class for only $8.00!


Yoga Center of Minneapolis gives back to their community through the Karma Yoga Fund, which raises money via weekly donation-based classes. These funds go towards providing yoga classes to those facing life-threatening illness and economic disadvantage. They also encourage their teacher trainees to make it a priority to donate their time and energy to bring yoga to those who need it.

Barefoot Yoga has been proud to call Yoga Center of Minneapolis a valued customer for over a decade, and you can find a number of our products at Yoga Center’s boutique, including our Hybrid Eco Mats, Yoga Mat Bags and Zafus.


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