Barefoot Yoga Founder Interviewed for Seattle Yoga News

Barefoot Yoga’s founder, Kelly LeFebvre, was recently interviewed by Seattle Yoga News in a great, in-depth article about the company’s history and growth in the worlds of yoga and e-commerce. In the interview, Kelly says, “As a company, we have always tried to stay authentic to the philosophies of yoga, meaning that our products and our way of doing business, how we treat our customers, and the consciousness around what we offer is meant to inspire more practice and bring people more into the present when they are practicing.”

Barefoot Yoga

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This post was written by Barefoot Yoga on February 25, 2015

Honorary Yoga Teacher of the Month: Emma Watson

Yes, you did hear that correctly! One of Hollywood’s brightest stars isn’t just a pro in the acting world; she’s a certified yoga teacher, too!

In recent interviews, the talented actor has shared that after graduating from Brown University she would like to make extra time to pursue what she’s passionate about, including yoga as well as painting and theater.

Emma Watson

It takes discipline practicing yoga in daily life, not to mention while filming amazing movies and traveling the globe! It goes to show that you can make time in life for the truly important things.

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This post was written by Carolina on April 10, 2014