OMgirl’s Fall Collection is Here!

OMgirl has just released their fall clothing collection, and we’re loving the variety of new colors, patterns and fabrics! Below we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites that really stand out:

The Asana Collection – lush sueded organic cotton


OMgirl has revamped this beloved collection – including the Asana Bra, Nomad Legging and Hatha Legging – to a sumptuous sueded fabric for fall. It’s still the same organic cotton and Lycra that you know and love, but with an extra touch of luxury. One of their newest additions is the Pose Capri, a gorgeous new capri legging with a wrap-detail waistband that can be folded over or worn high-waisted.

The Reformer Collection – enticing eyelet designs


OMgirl always finds new ways to make yoga clothes exciting, eye-catching and fun! With their new eyelet-inspired East Coast Cami, Reformer Legging and West Coast Pant, the dotted hole details add a feminine and sporty touch to your fall yoga wear. The organic cotton fabric looks and feels great as you flow through your day, and a touch of Lycra stretch offers a snug and secure fit.

Earth and Sky Wash – a new nature-inspired pattern


We can’t get enough of this stunning and original wash, which echoes the colorful beauty of a blue sky reflected on rippling water. This one-of-a-kind pattern is available in the Half Moon Tank, Hatha Legging and Hybrid Wrap. You can pair them with OMgirl clothing in the new Artisan Indigo and Fresh Olive shades for a match made in heaven!

To see all of OMgirl’s new Fall clothing before it’s gone, visit!


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This post was written by Lauren on August 21, 2015

5 Yoga Poses to Aide in Releasing Anger, the Healthy Way

Anger: we all experience it, and it’s a valid emotion for each and every one of us (no matter the sometimes silly or unimportant seeming reason). One thing to always remember is that your feelings are legitimate, and while there may be an underlying cause for anger that you’re not quite aware of, it doesn’t make your emotions any less important. However, when we do not honor these emotions in a healthy way, whether or not the true cause is an underlying emotion we’re not yet aware of (such as frustration, disappointment, or confusion), anger can result in not only an overall negative feeling, but also in sometimes regrettable overreactions – particularly to those closest to us.

The poses below can help any yogi express and acknowledge their anger in a healthy and fulfilling way, hopefully resulting in an understanding of the true reason of the anger, an acknowledgment of who or what the anger is related to, and how to remedy the situation in a constructive and respectful way – to yourself and to others.

1. Child’s Pose



This is an especially beneficial pose for grief related anger. The calming, protective, and relaxed position of the body can help to offer a soothing way to let out whatever you need to – whether it is a few tears or just a much-needed moment for quiet contemplation and reflection.

While in this pose, allow yourself to feel nurtured and protected while you acknowledge the cause for this grief and anger, allowing it to be released.


2. Half Twist Posealso know as Half Lord of the Fishes pose


Feeling grouchy? Just wring out the anger, man.

This pose is a wonderful way to get a satisfying stretch in and relieve tension that can often rest in the areas of the hips and back.


3. Vigorous Sun Salutations

hs sun-salutation-teen

You know that feeling of punching the bag in a kickboxing class? You may not know it, but that feeling can be translated to yoga as well! Try a few sets of vigorous sun salutations on your favorite mat – enough to work up a good sweat and allow yourself to work out any frustrations of the day, leaving yourself relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a renewed lightness.


4. Woodchopper Pose


This is a great way to release tension, especially when used with a loud and energetic “AH!” as you bring your “woodchopper” arms down.


5. Lion’s Breath

download (1)


Okay, so this one isn’t technically a pose, but it’s an awesome and empowering Pranayama breathing technique! Set your hands on top of your legs as you breath in through your nose, releasing a loud and breathy exhale from the your belly all the way out as you open your expression as wide as you can while sticking your tongue out. This is a fun and rejuvenating way to release stress and negativity in a way that may or may not have you giggling by the end of it.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed the post above.

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This post was written by Carolina on August 13, 2015

Yoga Trends: Office Yoga

Yoga continues to grow in popularity throughout the world, and many workplaces are getting on board! As part of corporate wellness initiatives, companies including Apple, Google, Nike and General Motors have begun to offer yoga classes for their employees.

Benefits of yoga in the office include overall health improvements, stress reduction and promoting a community atmosphere among coworkers. Regular practice can increase productivity, concentration and energy levels throughout the work week. Office yoga is designed to be entry-level and low impact, so it’s easier for beginners and those with limited flexibility to participate and see the benefits of regular practice. It also helps to lessen the effects of sitting at a desk all day, where issues like neck strain and carpal tunnel can begin to take a toll.

Want to get a yoga program started at your office? First, you’ll need a quiet and comfortable room that’s large enough to accommodate your employees. You can set aside a lunch room, conference room, or other space that will be free during the class period. And of course you’ll need an instructor! Yoga Alliance is an excellent resource to find instructors in your area. Finally, each participant will need comfy clothing, as well as their own yoga mat, towel  and water bottle.

For all the supplies you’ll need for your office yoga program, visit!

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This post was written by Lauren on August 10, 2015