Lauren’s Pick of the Week:
Ultra Firm Foam Blocks

Our new Ultra Firm Foam Blocks offer the perfect amount of stability and support for any pose. They come in three great colors – purple, green and charcoal – each with a lighter-toned stripe down the sides. At under a pound each, these durable blocks are perfect for toting to yoga class or traveling with your yoga gear.

Ultra Firm Foam Blocks



Visit for our full selection of yoga props, including Bamboo Blocks, Cork Blocks, and tons of other yoga necessities!

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This post was written by Lauren on May 8, 2014

The Barefoot Yoga List of Essentials for Beginner Yogis

Just getting started and don’t know where to begin? Fear not! Below is our list of must-haves for beginner yogis.

1. The Mat: Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco-Lite Mat

Hybrid Eco-Lite Mat

A fresh twist on our signature Hybrid Eco Mat, our Hybrid Eco-Lite Mat offers the same traction and performance, with an even smaller carbon footprint and 15% lighter weight!

2. The Rug: Mysore Practice Rug

Mysore Practice Rug - Bengal Blue

Our Mysore Practice Rugs offer traction superior to any other. Available in a variety of colors and woven in the traditional Indian style, these rugs are sure to improve your grip and performance. Another plus? Their traction gets even better with moisture, and some yogis even spray their rugs down with water before practice! So get in there and don’t be afraid to sweat a little (or a lot!)

3. The Block: Ultra Firm Foam Block

Ultra Firm Foam Blocks

Our new Ultra Firm Foam Block combines the best of both worlds: weighing in at less than 1 pound each, these blocks are incredibly easy to transport while being nearly as hard as wood. Never fear squishy edges or a tired back from carrying blocks around again!

4. The Strap: Brass D-Ring Practice Strap

Yoga Practice Straps with Brass D-Rings

At a just-right length of 8 feet with a unique brass d-ring (not to mention available in a range of different colors), these straps offer the perfect blend of style and functionality for a new yogi.

5. The Bag: Sari Pattern Yoga Mat Bag

Sari Pattern Yoga Mat Bags

If you’re looking for a bag that’s eye catching, durable, and well priced, you can stop searching! Our sari patterned yoga mat bags are available in a wide variety of beautiful Indian-inspired patterns that are guaranteed to invoke a flurry of “Where did you get that?!” at your next (or first!) class.

To find exactly what you’re looking for whether you’re a newbie or seasoned pro, visit us at today!

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Lauren’s Pick of the Week:
the Original Eco Yoga Mat

April is Earth Month! Give some love to Mother Earth with environmentally friendly yoga products. Our Original Eco Mat is all-natural and completely biodegradable. Made with natural jute fiber and rubber, it feels like practicing on the ground! With zero chemical additives, this is a great gift for the eco-conscious yogi.
*Does contain latex (naturally occurring in rubber)

Original Eco Mat

Barefoot Yoga‘s eco-friendly products include a number of other earth-conscious yoga mats, yoga props such as our Bamboo Blocks, and a huge selection of yoga clothing made with organic and recycled materials!

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Barefoot Yoga Mexican Blanket
Featured in May Yoga Journal

Our yellow Deluxe Mexican Yoga Blanket was featured in the May issue of Yoga Journal, on newsstands now!

Barefoot Yoga Mexican Blanket in Yoga Journal Barefoot Yoga Mexican Blanket in Yoga Journal

Blankets can be one of the most valuable and versatile yoga props. Our Mexican Yoga Blankets are the highest quality, made of a recycled blend of cotton and acrylics.

Visit to view our full selection of yoga props, including Mexican Blankets, yoga bolsters, meditation cushions and lots more!


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Barefoot Yoga Bamboo Block
Featured in Yoga Journal’s Green Gear Guide

Barefoot Yoga’s Bamboo Yoga Blocks are featured in Yoga Journal’s Green Gear Guide, on newsstands now! Unlike a tree which can take decades to grow to maturity, bamboo is ready to harvest within 4 to 5 years. This means that our Bamboo Blocks are much more sustainable than wood, while still offering the stability that you need for your yoga practice.

Bamboo Block in Yoga Journal Green Gear Guide

We also offer silk eye pillows, practice straps, prAna headbands, glass water bottles, and eco yoga mats, as well as lots more for your yoga practice!

To browse and buy our eco-friendly yoga supplies, visit

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Barefoot Yoga Listed As Top Yoga Supplier on BeWellPhilly

Philadelphia Magazine’s health and fitness focused website BeWellPhilly recently mentioned Barefoot Yoga as one of the best places online to get great yoga gear and clothing at low prices!

They say:

“This is a one-stop shop for everything yoga, from mats to leggings to books to blankets. But beware: With popular brands like Prana and OMgirl at seriously affordable prices, your shopping cart can fill up pretty quickly.”

Barefoot Yoga Products in Pink & Brown

Take advantage of our huge selection and low prices on yoga mats, props, accessories and clothing at!

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Lauren’s Pick of the Week:
Retro Pattern Tall Zafu

My pick of the week is our Retro Pattern Tall Zafu: not only does this cushion come in a fun and colorful retro-inspired pattern, but it also offers an extra two inches of height for your meditation practice. If you are a longer-legged yogi, or have less flexibility in your hips and knees, a tall zafu can offer extra comfort, allowing you to clear your mind of physical distractions.

Retro Tall Zafu


For our complete selection of zafus and other meditation supplies, visit!

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Using Mala Beads for Meditation

In Buddhist and Hindu prayer, a mala is a string of beads used for keeping count while reciting a mantra. Beaded Mala necklaces can be a wonderful reminder to devote time to your daily meditation. The main bead where the necklace comes together, called the Guru bead, is the starting point for the meditation, and symbolizes your guru, who has given you a mantra to reflect on. The Guru bead often has a tassle hanging from it, which some say symbolizes the eternal lotus.


Rudraksha Mala

Malas can be helpful for focusing the mind on the sound of the mantra, rather than keeping count of the number of repetitions. Starting with the bead after the Guru bead, place it between your thumb and index finger, and recite your mantra. Then shift your fingers to the side so that you are holding the next bead in succession, repeat your mantra, and so on. When you have reached the Guru bead again, you may stop, or make your way around the mala again in the opposite direction.

Malas come in a variety of bead styles, and the type of mala used can often depend intention of the mantra. Some common types of beads are gemstones, precious metals, special woods, and necklaces made of Bodhi seeds, called Rudraksha malas.

Visit to see our selection of malas and other yoga accessories.

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