Yoga at your Desk

Posted by Grace on May 28, 2014

Here are some arm stretches you can do at your desk without leaving it! In all the following exercises, make sure your feet are flat on the ground, thighs perpendicular to your shins, and your body anchored over your sit-bones, spine tall.

Lateral Deltoid Stretch

Lateral Deltoid Stretch

  1. Place the arm you want to stretch across your body, straightening your elbow.
  2. Use your other arm, pull the arm that is being stretched toward your body. Repeat with other arm.

Bicep Hand-Down-the-Spine Stretch

Bicep Hand-Down-the-Spine Stretch

  1. Extend the arm you want to stretch down the center of your spine with finger facing down.
  2. Using opposing arm and gently grasp the elbow.
  3. Gently pull your elbow toward your head, taking your fingers down the spine. Repeat with other arm.

Eagle Arms

Eagle Arms

  1. Straighten your arm in front of you at a 90º angle.
  2. Cross your right below your left.
  3. Interlock your palms with fingers pointing up. If an interlock is not possible, an alternative would be to place the backs of the hands together.
  4. Remember to keep your elbows forward and up. Repeat with left arm under right.

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