Get ready for the Summer heat with a Mysore Practice Rug!

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on April 26, 2012

Goa Practice Rug

Goa Practice Rug

Sold out for several months and back in stock are our popular and versatile Mysore Practice Rugs . Traditionally used for Mysore style Astanga yoga practice in India, and also excellent for any athletic or sweat-producing yoga practice like Bikram or Vinyasa flow, these decorative and tightly woven cotton rugs have been around for centuries and are considered to be the first mats ever used for yoga practice in India. Mysore rugs are one of the more eco-friendly yoga mats available as they are completely biodegradable and PVC free.

The rugs rest nicely over any Yoga Mat and most floor surfaces, adding extra cushion for sitting postures and better traction and stability for standing postures. They’re also great for outdoor practice without a mat, so grab your Practice Rug and go outside to enjoy a beautiful day!

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