Barefoot Yoga is Hiring!

October 12, 2015

Customer Service/Office Support Position

Barefoot Yoga – Seattle, WA

Busy internet-based yoga supplies and apparel company is seeking a well-rounded and positive Customer Service & Office Assistant for our Fremont office/warehouse for this holiday season and beyond. We’re looking for someone who is dependable, motivated, efficient and personable with superb administrative skills to help keep our retail and wholesale customers happy and to contribute to our office running smoothly. This is an entry-level, temp-to-perm position with growth potential.

Primary responsibilities for this position include:
-Responding to a high volume of retail and wholesale customer inquiries in a timely manner ensuring that all customer service needs are met (phone and email)
-Establishing and maintaining relationships with customers (phone and email)
-Processing retail and wholesale orders (phone and online)
-Maintaining multiple logs with customer and business related data (a highly manual process)
-Maintaining our systems through accurate data entry and system updates
-Cross-selling and suggestive-selling with retail and wholesale customers (phone and email)
-Assisting Barefoot Yoga Manager
-Taking on and seeking out miscellaneous tasks and projects needed to support the company such as warehouse assistance when needed (pick/pack orders), cleaning and organizing office, restocking supplies, putting away new products and product building, SEO & Social Media Support (to name a few).

Please apply only if you have the following minimum qualifications:
-1-year experience in Customer Service in a retail, wholesale or call center environment (Ecommerce and/or apparel/consumer goods environments a big plus)
-1-year experience as an Administrative Assistant or working in an office setting
-Well-versed in Excel, Word, Outlook, & the Internet
-Strong typing skills

Desired qualifications (what we’re looking for in a candidate):
-Able to handle and prioritize multiple tasks with competing deadlines calmly and happily
-Strong organizational and time management skills with consistent accuracy and attention to detail
-Skilled at describing product colors, textures, and functions
-Better than average Excel skills (spreadsheets and formulas)
-Customer-focused, with an inherent awareness of current trends and styles
-Able to think on your feet and enjoy listening to, analyzing, investigating and solving problems on behalf of our customers and the company
-Strong work ethic. Enjoy taking ownership and pride in your work
-Openly receptive to feedback and guidance with a desire to learn and improve your skills in the workplace
-Able and willing to help with miscellaneous tasks within the company when needed, even if it is taking out the garbage, helping unload a shipment, sweeping, or packing orders
-Team player with strong communication skills who enjoys working out the kinks in a busy office setting
-Reliable, flexible, neat, mature, patient, giving and eco-conscious
-Familiar with the basics of yoga practice (not essential, but helpful)
-Pro-active and creative in seeking out sales opportunities for the company
-Blog writing and social media experience (not essential, but helpful)

If you enjoy a small, informal, fast-paced and growth-oriented work environment where you would perform several varied tasks throughout the day, and where your success will make an impact on the company, you’ll enjoy working at Barefoot Yoga.Hours: Mon-Fri, 9:00-5:30 (with 1-2 weeks of Holiday Overtime hours in Dec)

About Barefoot Yoga:
In 1996, while studying and practicing yoga in a small town in India for a period of time, the idea for Barefoot Yoga and several of our signature yoga products were born. The company started doing business in San Francisco in 1998. We relocated to Seattle in 2003. We are well-known and established in the global yoga community with a solid reputation for friendly, knowledgeable and helpful customer service, authenticity, and for providing the highest quality yoga products available online and at studios and stores worldwide. We are designers, manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers of yoga products and apparel. The company has plans for expansion in 2016.

Compensation: DOE + Benefits
Employment type: full-time

To apply:
Please email us the following to
-A Cover Letter with a paragraph or two describing who you are and why you’re interested in the position
-Your Resume
-Minimum Salary Requirements

The Best Foods to Eat Pre- and Post-Yoga Class!

October 9, 2015


The struggle before yoga class of being hungry, but not wanting to overdo it and spend an hour on the mat feeling uncomfortable. The conundrum of choosing what to eat after class that best serves your body’s nutritional wants and needs. Both are feelings we (and you, probably) can probably relate to!

We wanted to take a closer look at the foods that are best to eat before yoga class for a healthy and energetic practice, and what foods are best to eat after so that your body feels rejuvenated, relaxed, and awesome in general. See below for our favorites!


Tip 1? Once again, don’t overdo it! If you’re like us and enjoy an early morning before work class, or an after work early evening class, you probably know that those are a couple of the main mealtimes of the day. How to remedy the situation and not feel hungry? Snacks! Snacks are a lifesaver – whether you’re on the go to a class or on the go in general.

Below are some of our favorite, tried and true snacks for pre-class nosh:

1. Oatmeal


Oatmeal is filled with soluble fiber (which is slow to digest and won’t interfere with your workout), energy-boosting carbohydrates, and magnesium, which helps boost your energy. Try bringing a small packet of to-go oatmeal with you for easy preparation on the go, or make a light portion at home for some healthy sustenance pre-pose.

2. Almonds


Almonds are super easy to bring with you wherever you go, and provide an awesome hit of protein and healthy fats. Try roasted and unsalted almonds for the healthiest option. For some extra natural sugar to boost your energy, throw some raisins in there, too! Almonds also contain potassium, which will help to keep you from cramping up, and magnesium to maximize your energy levels.

 3. Bananas


What’s the world’s favorite on the go fruit? Bananas! These babies are packed with natural sugar and carbs for energy, along with potassium so that you’re kept well-hydrated and aren’t hit with a leg cramp in the middle of crow pose.

What to avoid pre-class? Foods heavy in insoluble fiber (which is quicker to digest), liquid, and dairy. Foods containing large amounts of any of these can cause uncomfortable gas and/or bloating. A couple of examples include soups (no one wants to go into downward dog after eating soup), bean-heavy foods like hummus, and milk.


After a workout of any kind, hydration is extremely important! Start by hydrating with some good old fashioned water before moving onto a post class snack or meal.

Then, once you’ve hydrated, focus on healthy foods packed with natural ingredients. Below are some of our favorite go-tos:

 1. Whole grain toast with peanut butter


This is a filling and healthy snack filled with protein, whole grains, and healthy fats.

2. A salad packed with greens and protein


Salad often gets a bad rap for being “boring”, but the truth is that salad can be extremely delicious! Try a mixed greens salad with healthy and delicious vegetables (think avocados, onions and tomatoes), protein (hard boiled eggs, cheeses, tofu, sunflower seeds), and a delicious balsamic vinaigrette to top it all off. This is a great way to fuel up after class and cover all the nutritional areas your body craves – and requires – after working up a sweat.

3. Greek yogurt


Craving something dessert-like post class but don’t want to undo all the good work you’ve just done? Go with Greek yogurt! Packed with protein, this is a sweet treat you’re sure to feel good about. Try mixing it with berries or adding some honey or Agave in for an extra kick. And, if you’re feeling extra creative, make your own Greek yogurt pops!

What to avoid? Mainly, food laziness. Resist the urge to pick up a bag of chips from the store on the way home, or to order pizza instead of taking that extra step. Your body will thank you.

For all of your yoga mat, prop, and clothing needs for looking and feeling your best during your practice, visit us today at!

Yoga Poses for Morning, Noon, and Night: Starting (and ending!) Your Day in the Best Way Possible

October 7, 2015



What an awesome stretch to start the day! If you’ve tried it before, you know how satisfying cat-cow pose it. It helps to stretch out your back and abdomen muscles, while still being a calming stretch that helps you start your day in a relaxed and restored way.



Another great stretch for the beginning of the day! This will help wake you up and do away with some of that morning stiffness.



You’ve stretched out your back, now time for the front! Camel pose is a great way to open up your chest, torso, and hip flexors, readying you for the day ahead.




Practicing warrior one midday, as well as transitioning into warrior two and three, is a great way to energize the middle of your day! Whether you’ve got a case of afternoon sleepiness, or your day has been a whirlwind that doesn’t show signs of slowing down, practicing some warrior poses will help to refresh, and refocus your mind and allow you to access a renewed sense of personal empowerment for a wonderful afternoon. (These are also ideal poses if you don’t have your mat with you!)






Ah, the time to wind down, relax, and cozy up. These three poses are a great way to get your body and mind into a bedtime state of mind. Upward dog provides a deep and relaxing stretch, helping to work out the tensions accumulated throughout the day. Try doing it on your squishiest mat or on your rug for optimum comfort.



This is another pose that will help to stretch you out and wind you down! And, it’s another pose ideally used with rug, mat, or blanket (depending on the level of support needed) placed underneath your back for comfort.



This pose is the closest you’re going to get to actually laying down in bed, so why not do it right before bedtime? Take as many deep breaths as you need, and help yourself wind down and let go of any burdens from the day that are holding you down. Allow them to be released and make way for the new day to come.

To find any of the yoga products used in these photos, such as props, blankets, mats, and more, go to!

Please Note: All forms of exercise involve a risk of personal injury, so be mindful of what you are doing and cease to perform any of these exercises if any pain occurs and/or consult with your physician before beginning practice. Namaste.