Barefoot Yoga Favorites: Summer Looks We Love!

July 16, 2015

With all the awesome clothes and beautiful props we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by everyday, we couldn’t help but spend some time thinking of our perfect summertime look from top to bottom– whether it’s for going to class and just hanging out with friends!

The Look: On the Way to Class

If you’re heading out to class, you want to feel comfy, grounded and ready for any pose! (And, it doesn’t hurt to feel put together enough to stop by the grocery store on the way home, either!)


OMgirl Vitality Racer paired with the Alignment Bra and Hatha Capri

The Vitality Racer offers a relaxed and easy-to-wear racerback style, and we adore it paired with the simple yet eye catching design of the Alignment Bra. Add the supremely comfy Hatha Capri for a look that’s just breezy enough to keep you cool during hotter summer temperatures while providing enough coverage and flexibility for any class! (Going to a hot yoga class? Toss the tank into your mat bag and just go with the bra to keep extra cool!)

And, if you’re like us and find the ease of a yoga mat bag hard to beat, we love the look above paired with the bright, sunny colors of the Mysore Pattern Mat Bag.

Wondering what’s in our yoga mat bag on the way to class? Try an Original Eco Mat, strap, and eye pillow!


The Look: Day to Night

This is our current fav for a casual, comfortable look that works for grabbing a coffee and some local produce at the farmers market before having your closest pals over for a home cooked meal.


OMgirl Goddess Tank paired with the Asana Bra and Fresh Skirt in Paradise Palm

We couldn’t help but fall in love with the breezy, tropical feel of this patterned skirt, especially when combined with the flattering, form fitting look of the Goddess Tank. Try wearing it over the classic Asana Bra for optimal coverage and support (we found the tank a bit sheer to wear all on its own!).

Then, when it rolls around to dinnertime we love using the Mandala Embroidered Zafu for a comfortable and intimate way to dine with friends. This is especially convenient if you’re having a larger number of people over, or if you’re a city dweller whose coffee table doubles as a dining one!

Want to take a look online to put together your own favorite ensembles? Come visit us at! We’ve got you covered – no matter the sporty, cute, or casual style you’re looking for!


Featured Studio: Yoga Center of Minneapolis

July 14, 2015


Founded in 2000, Yoga Center of Minneapolis has become an important fixture in the city’s yoga community. Their mission is “to make yoga accessible to everyone at every stage of life,” and they truly deliver on this goal by offering classes ranging from their Absolute Beginner Class to advanced teacher training.

They have a number of specialty programs, including a class for plus-size men and women which was created by Yoga Center’s founder, Jennifer Gray. The class promotes the idea that “Every Body is a Yoga Body,” and helps students to gain confidence and reduce anxiety. Another fun and popular class is Happy Hour Yoga, a one hour slow flow Vinyasa class for only $8.00!


Yoga Center of Minneapolis gives back to their community through the Karma Yoga Fund, which raises money via weekly donation-based classes. These funds go towards providing yoga classes to those facing life-threatening illness and economic disadvantage. They also encourage their teacher trainees to make it a priority to donate their time and energy to bring yoga to those who need it.

Barefoot Yoga has been proud to call Yoga Center of Minneapolis a valued customer for over a decade, and you can find a number of our products at Yoga Center’s boutique, including our Hybrid Eco Mats, Yoga Mat Bags and Zafus.


5 Yoga Poses to Relax Your Aches & Pains

July 10, 2015

Feeling a bit achy in the knees, perhaps paired with a twitch in the lower back? Not to worry! We’ve compiled five of our favorite yoga poses below that can help to relax and rejuvenate those areas that tend to be a little touchier than others.


1. Cat/Cow Pose


This is a great pose for strengthening and stretching the back and spine – it helps to relieve tension in a noticeable, yet gentle, way while also helping to calm the mind. This is an ideal pose to do at home after a long day to help work out the kinks (and we mean for both body and mind). And, if you find that your knees feel a bit too much pressure during this pose, try it out using our ¼” Hybrid Eco Mat. This thick and supportive mat will provide a great surface to keep your joints at ease during any pose.


2. Butterfly Pose


This pose works wonderfully for opening up the hips to give them, as well as your inner thighs, a satisfying stretch. However, if you’re finding that this pose is a bit harsh on the knees or you have limited hip flexibility, try out a couple of blankets or foam blocks underneath the outside of your knee/leg area for added support. For a bonus neck stretch, try gently lowering your chin to your chest (but don’t strain or force anything!)


3. Marichi’s Pose


This is an awesome pose for relieving not only shoulder pain, but back and hip pain, too! Sit on a comfortable surface (such as a mat or blanket) and gently cross one leg over the other as shown above. Then, try twisting the opposite side of your body towards your upright knee to bring your arm over your knee for a lovely stretch that’s great for opening up multiple areas at once!


 4. Salutation Seal


A supremely relaxing pose, salutation seal helps not only to calm and free stress from the mind, but it’s also a great pose to aid with hand and wrist flexibility – the areas affected by carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether you’re at the office or relaxing at home, if you notice that your hands and/or wrists are feeling a little stiff or numb, try taking a few moments to sit in this meditative pose with your hands together for a calming wrist and hand stretch.


5. Bound Angle Pose


Feeling the need to stretch your knees? Try out Bound Angle pose! Sitting comfortably on a mat, or Zafu for added support, bring your legs straight out in front of you. Then, while holding your feet together, gently bring both feet (soles together) towards yourself while bringing your knees outward. Don’t feel the need to strain by bringing your feet as far in as possible – wherever they feel comfortable is a good place to stop. Then, bring your chin slightly down to stretch it out (again, don’t strain). For added support, try adding blocks or blankets under your outer knees if needed.

Come visit us at Barefoot Yoga today to stock up on any and all props you need to begin, or continue, your healing journey of yoga.