Yoga at your Desk

June 5, 2014

Sitting for hours every day can take its toll on back muscles and vertebrae, affecting the rest of the body as well. Let’s do some stretches at our desks focusing on the mid-torso.

Cat-cow stretches

Cat Cow

  • Seat with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place your hands on your knees and keep them there while you do the stretches.
  • On an inhale, and sitting tall, arch your back and look up at the ceiling.
  • On the exhale, round your spine and tuck your chin to your chest. Repeat for a few breaths.

Seated Spinal Twist

Seated Spinal Twist

  • Seat sideways on the chair with your feet flat on the floor.
  • Twist from the waist toward the back of the chair, holding the back with both hands if you need to. Keep your seat bones planted on the chair and your head aligned to your sternum. Keeping your body where it is, then gently turn your head to the direction of your turn. If your chair has armrests, use them as you would the back of the chair.
  • After a few breaths, gently turn your head to the opposite shoulder for a neck stretch. Repeat on other side.

Seated Forward Bend

Seated Forward Bend

  • Push your chair away from your desk.
  • Plant your feet flat on the floor.
  • Interlace your hands behind your back, straighten your arm, keeping shoulders back.
  • Fold at the waist, reaching forward as you fold.
  • Keep your interlaced hands over your back.
  • Set your tummy on your thighs and release your head.

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Grace’s Pick of the Week:
Quinn Bra Top by prAna

June 3, 2014

My pick of the week is the Quinn Bra Top by prAna. If you’re looking a bra that gives you ease of movement, then this is the top for you. Designed with quick-drying properties of the chakara fabric, it comes with double racer back for great support. Lined in front with elastic at the bottom, it is Bluesign Certified for environmentally safe production methods. Also comes in Jacquard knit. Great for hot yoga or the beach!

Quinn Bra Top

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Yoga at your Desk

May 28, 2014

Here are some arm stretches you can do at your desk without leaving it! In all the following exercises, make sure your feet are flat on the ground, thighs perpendicular to your shins, and your body anchored over your sit-bones, spine tall.

Lateral Deltoid Stretch

Lateral Deltoid Stretch

  1. Place the arm you want to stretch across your body, straightening your elbow.
  2. Use your other arm, pull the arm that is being stretched toward your body. Repeat with other arm.

Bicep Hand-Down-the-Spine Stretch

Bicep Hand-Down-the-Spine Stretch

  1. Extend the arm you want to stretch down the center of your spine with finger facing down.
  2. Using opposing arm and gently grasp the elbow.
  3. Gently pull your elbow toward your head, taking your fingers down the spine. Repeat with other arm.

Eagle Arms

Eagle Arms

  1. Straighten your arm in front of you at a 90º angle.
  2. Cross your right below your left.
  3. Interlock your palms with fingers pointing up. If an interlock is not possible, an alternative would be to place the backs of the hands together.
  4. Remember to keep your elbows forward and up. Repeat with left arm under right.

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Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat
Featured in June Yoga Journal

May 22, 2014

Yoga Journal June 2014

Barefoot Yoga’s Hybrid Eco Mat in Mandarin orange was featured in the June issue of Yoga Journal:

Barefoot Hybrid Eco Mat in Yoga Journal

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Spotted: Celeb Street Yogini!

May 22, 2014

Rosario Dawson

Who’s that practicing yoga on the go? None other than talented actress Rosario Dawson! The Rent star looked happy and healthy as she and her friend held a pose in sunny Venice Beach. Dawson keeps in shape (mentally, physically and emotionally) by attending yoga, spin, and Pilates classes. For sustenance to fuel her busy life, Dawson enjoys a mix of fresh fruit, veggies, lean protein and complex carbs (think whole grain) while enjoying the less healthy stuff in moderation. All we can say is, we’ll have what she’s having!

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Yoga Studio of the Month:

May 21, 2014

Our yoga studio of the month is YogaWorks, a valued Barefoot Yoga customer since 1999!  YogaWorks founders Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller and Alan Finger opened their first studio in 1987. They shared their vast knowledge and love of yoga with integrity, quality and authenticity. With the demand for well-trained teacher, the renowned YogaWorks Teacher Training Program was created.

Now YogaWorks has 29 locations in California and New York and they are still expanding. Their mission is to bring everyone into the fold of yoga—honoring, embracing and guiding each student’s growth and fulfillment. YogaWorks has many styles of yoga under its roof like Mysore-style Ashtanga, Iyengar, Therapeutics and other signature classes with emphasis on excellence in teaching. They also offer pilates and pilates teacher training courses.

YogaWorks Studio at Santa Monica – Montana Ave

YogaWorks Studio at Santa Monica – Montana Ave

They have classes for beginner, intermediate or advanced students and take special pride in classes catering to children, seniors, athletes and those in need of physical rehabilitation. In addition to classes in the studio, they offer online yoga classes that you can stream at home. These online classes vary in levels and lengths so you can pick and choose when and where you want to practice and for how long.

Take note of their reward system. For every class you take, you can accumulate points toward perks like a yoga mat towel.

Check out the boutiques at most of their studios that features quality yoga essentials like Barefoot Yoga mats, rugs, mat bags, blocks and eye pillows.

Grace’s Pick of the Week:
Quinn Top by prAna

May 19, 2014

The Quinn Top provides performance support with its shelf bra and double racerback. Made of Veeda performance knit, this is a great top for yoga, cross training or just a walk in the sun. Its quick drying and stretchy fabric gives a fitted, flattering fit. Most of all, it is Bluesign certified which means the recycled materials are made in a toxin-free production process. You can’t go wrong with the Quinn Top in amazing spring colors now available.

Quinn Top by prAnaQuinn Top by prAna
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Top 5 Super Foods to Maximize Your Practice

May 16, 2014

Looking for a mouth-watering and healthy pre-practice snack, but not sure what’s really a nutrient-rich super food?  We know with all the information out there it can be hard to figure out what’s a fad and what’s the real deal. Below is a list of 5 of our favorites that will help you get the most out of your downward dog!

1. Blueberries


Filled with antioxidants, potassium, vitamin C, and phytoflavinoids (a molecule that’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory packed!), blueberries are simply amazing and simply delicious. Try eating about a handful (or ½ cup) a day to give your body a much needed boost of anti-inflammatory antioxidants every day of the week!

2. Salmon


Rich in fatty Omega 3s, proteins, and vitamins A and B, salmon is not only delicious but can help with everything from heart disease and arthritis to memory loss and Alzheimer’s. Pick up some wild salmon or any wild (not farmed!) cold water fish (such as mackerel, sardines or herring) for a power packed punch of super food goodness!

3. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

That’s right: chocolate. Dark chocolate with a 60% or higher cacao content is packed with antioxidants and can even help lower blood pressure. We recommend going with an even higher cacao content, because the darker the chocolate, the lower the fat and sugar content and the higher the health benefits. Also, if you’re getting a case of afternoon drowsiness but don’t want to be kept up all night, just try a 1 oz. serving of dark chocolate! It tastes delicious and has as much caffeine as 1 oz. of coffee for a little burst of energy that won’t keep you from your beauty sleep.

4. Spinach


Ok, so green and leafy pretty much guarantees it’s healthy. But (much like the other foods on this list), spinach really goes the extra mile with its antioxidant qualities. Look for this and other dark green and leafy vegetables (such as kale, collards and broccoli) the next time you’re in the mood for a simple salad or want to add some extra nutrients to that new stir-fry recipe you’ve been meaning to try. The darker the color means the higher the concentration of antioxidants and good stuff like vitamin A, C, and folic acid is going to be. The next time you’re in the produce section, skip the iceberg and go for the real heavyweights of the green and leafy world.

5. Oats


Filled with fiber and protein, whole grain oats are one of the heroes of the super food world. Incorporate them into your daily life by going with whole grain bread instead of processed white bread, and substitute that sugary cereal in the morning with a hot bowl of oatmeal. While these may sound like fairly easy steps to take, think again: when buying any kind of wheat product, make sure to check out the ingredient label to make sure one of the following ingredients is first on the list: brown rice, buckwheat, bulgur, cracked wheat, millet, oatmeal, quinoa, rolled oats, whole grain barley, whole-grain corn, whole-grain sorghum, whole-grain triticale, whole oats, whole rye, whole wheat or wild rice. That way, you know you’re getting the real whole grain benefits instead of just the processed stuff in disguise.

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