Featured Studio: Avalon Art & Yoga Center

September 2, 2015




Transformed from its previous life as a Palo Alto art gallery, Avalon Art & Yoga has been dedicated to the traditional practice of yoga since its beginnings in 2002. Founder Paul Crowl says, “We really want to convey the mental and spiritual aspect of yoga, not just the physical.” The studio’s artistic roots have been preserved, too – mosaics and murals decorate the space, and they host rotating art exhibitions throughout the year.

In addition to the spiritual and artistic, Avalon Yoga also focuses strongly on the scientific study of yoga. They offer a popular university-level teacher training program with a science-based curriculum, and last year they added a human anatomy and dissection lab to their training program. Through their website and newsletter, they keep their teachers and students updated on new research involving yoga, biology and medicine.




They also reach out to the community to help the underprivileged. In addition to their free Kid, Teen, and Cancer Support classes, Avalon Yoga donates a portion of their profits to organizations that bring yoga to those in need, such as San Quentin’s Prison Yoga Project.

Avalon Yoga has remained a valued Barefoot Yoga customer since 2002. Check out their boutique to find Barefoot Yoga silk eye pillows, yoga mat bags, practice straps and more!


Welcome to the Barefoot Yoga family, Liquido Active!

August 28, 2015

Say hello to the newest member of Barefoot Yoga’s clothing family: Liquido Active!

Available in a range of eye catching, stunning, and quite frankly, irresistible, patterns, we’ve found ourselves falling head-over-heels for these bright new prints!

Their moisture-wicking, silky smooth (yet sturdy) fabric is perfect for any workout you can imagine – from stand-up paddle board yoga to a quick jog – while the fun prints make them ideal for everything from errand running to evening yoga class wear.

Take a look at the beautiful prints just-in below, along with our favorite BFY props to pair them with!


The striking Dragonfly pattern evokes a nature inspired design that looks stunning with the new Emerald green color of our 1/6” Hybrid Mat and a beautiful charcoal grey Silk Eye Pillow! Try throwing these on for a relaxing Saturday morning practice for the perfect start to your weekend.




This pattern is like a jolt of caffeine (and we mean that in a good way)!

Try pairing the Holi print leggings with our bright pink Mandala Embroidered Zafu and a vibrant purple Practice Strap on a day when you’re feeling loud and confident for a look that’s bright and beautiful!

We especially love the color palette above for a glowga class or going out to a weekend yoga festival.



Earthy and rich are the words that come to mind with the super cute India pattern leggings – particularly when paired with this plum colored Cotton Jacquard Mat Bag and a set of beautiful Indian Rosewood Blocks.

This pattern is very versatile and easy to wear for any occasion – whether you’re going from the gym out to lunch, or just lounging at home!



This abstract, soft pattern evokes a unique and almost ethereal feel. These are perfect for an outdoor class spent doing poses on your favorite practice rug, or worn during a morning hike.

For all of your fall fashion and yoga prop needs, come visit us today at barefootyoga.com!

Yoga Trends: Trill Yoga

August 25, 2015


Trill Yoga founder Claire Fountain practicing at the entrance of a subway station in NYC.

Are you a fan of yoga? (We can take a wild guess on that one!) What about body positivity and self love? If one or (hopefully) all of these speak to you, you may want to give trill yoga a try!

It’s the newest trend on our yoga radar, and we can’t help but love the idea: practicing any type of yoga anywhere, as long as it’s not in a conventional setting. Think sidewalk, beach, lounge chair, or even subway station.

Founded by yogi Claire Fountain, the whole idea of trill yoga is about being true and real (“trill”) to yourself, and free in that truth. Trill yoga is not only the freedom to practice wherever you like, but also the freedom to be true to yourself in all of your awesome uniqueness – wearing whatever you like, and looking however you like, no matter your body’s shape, size, or tone.

Trill yoga turns a yogi or yogini’s practice into an act of revolution – a revolution of self love (no matter how you look) and the practice of yoga (no matter where you are).

For all of your yoga prop needs – whether you’re practicing on top of your car or at your local studio – come visit us today at Barefootyoga.com!