Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Mat in February 2014 Yoga Journal

January 21, 2014

Yoga Journal - February 2014Barefoot Yoga’s Hybrid Eco Mat was photographed for Yoga Journal’s February 2014 issue, on newsstands now!

Our Hybrid Mats are a great low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to the usual PVC mat. They’re made without any heavy metals or other toxins, and offer a great grip for your practice, at an affordable price!

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Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat

Grace’s Pick of the Week:
OMgirl Padma Pant

January 16, 2014

Grace’s Pick of the Week is the Padma Pant by OMgirl: “The Padma Pants are easy and comfortable. This 100% cotton vintage loop back fleece pants keep you warm and cozy for those chilly nights. Raw hems allow you to cut the pants to any length for a perfect fit!”

OMgirl Padma Pant

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Make Yoga a Habit!

January 15, 2014

Make Yoga a HabitKundalini Yoga recognizes the soul as perfect, with no need for change, redemption or purification. As human beings, our lives are governed by our habits – good or bad. Things can change by our choices and our actions. We do sadhanas (committed prayers) and kriyas (techniques or practices within a yoga discipline to achieve a specific result) to change and challenge ourselves.

Research has shown that it takes 40 days to make or break a habit. If you have been trying to get to classes more often or just make time for practice, take the 40 day-challenge and make a commitment to practice at least once a day, twice or every day, whatever you think you can accomplish. Reward yourself and acknowledge your intentions and progress along the way. Let’s make yoga a habit.

Colors and Their Meanings

December 9, 2013

Lights, lights everywhere! Tis the season and you cannot escape those colorful twinkling lights in the store, at home or on the streets. Have you ever wondered about colors and their meaning?

Red - action, confidence, courage, vitality
Blue - youth, spirituality, truth, peace
Pink - love, beauty
Brown - earth, order, convention
Orange - vitality with endurance
Gold - wealth, prosperity, wisdom
Yellow - wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual enery
Purple - royalty , magic, mystery
Indigo - intuition, meditation, deep comtemplation
White - purity, cleanliness
Black - death, earth, stability
Grey - sorrow, security, maturity

Yoga Gift Idea of the Week:
Yoga-Inspired Jewelry

December 9, 2013

Need some extra sparkle this holiday season? We’ve got a great selection of jewelry and mala beads to suit any yogi! You also have the option of including a gift box and organza bag, making your holiday wrapping even easier.

Gold Double Satya Lotus Necklace

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November is National Gratitude Month

November 26, 2013

November has been designated National Gratitude Month. I think most of us are guilty of only thinking about what we are grateful for during the Thanksgiving holidays. GratitudeCan we make it a part of our lives the other 11 months? Research shows that grateful people have higher levels of happiness, less stress and depression and more satisfied with their lives. They tend to be more positive and better able to handle life’s obstacles.

“No longer forward nor behind
I look in hope or fear;
But, grateful, take the good I find,
The best of now and here.”

~ John Greenleaf Whittier

Yoga Gift Idea of the Week:
Barefoot Yoga Performance Grip Mat

November 22, 2013

Samantha’s Yoga Gift Idea of the Week is our signature Performance Grip Mat: “Looking for the perfect mat for that special someone? Try our brand new Barefoot Yoga Performance Grip Mat which is great for any style of yoga! Dense, grippy, and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, this is a great gift for the holidays.”

Barefoot Yoga Performance Grip Mat

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Yoga for “Computer Hunch”

November 20, 2013

Dealing with “computer hunch” is becoming a more common problem today for Americans! A great way to combat the damage to your back and shoulders is with Dandasana, also known as Staff Pose. Staff Pose involves sitting on the floor with your legs extended straight in front of you. Curl your toes up and rest your hands on the floor with fingers pointing forward.

Within this pose, you can shift your hips forward, lift your ribs, and drop your shoulders away from your ears. These movements are a great way to remove tension and keep your back happy.

Computer Hunch