Thought yoga was just for us humans? Think again!

Posted by Carolina on April 2, 2014

Now there aren’t just yoga classes, but doga (dog yoga) classes for our furry friends as well! Contrary to what you might think, doga classes aren’t a new phenomenon, they’ve been around for a while and are now catching on in a big way.


Doga class attendees feel it helps their dog, as well as themselves, to experience the benefits of yoga together. Heck, if yoga is such an amazingly valuable practice for humans, why not for our fellow canines as well?


Doga classes incorporate everything from meditation and massage to gentle poses involving both you and your pooch, which can include anything from camel pose (shown above) to a quite literal downward-facing dog (shown below)!


Whatever the pose, one thing is for sure: doga is an amazing way to bond with both your pooch and your practice, so why not give it a try? It’s sure to bring a new level of harmony and perspective to any yogi with a canine companion!


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