Make Yoga a Habit!

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on January 15, 2014

Make Yoga a HabitKundalini Yoga recognizes the soul as perfect, with no need for change, redemption or purification. As human beings, our lives are governed by our habits – good or bad. Things can change by our choices and our actions. We do sadhanas (committed prayers) and kriyas (techniques or practices within a yoga discipline to achieve a specific result) to change and challenge ourselves.

Research has shown that it takes 40 days to make or break a habit. If you have been trying to get to classes more often or just make time for practice, take the 40 day-challenge and make a commitment to practice at least once a day, twice or every day, whatever you think you can accomplish. Reward yourself and acknowledge your intentions and progress along the way. Let’s make yoga a habit.

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