Yoga and the Seattle Seahawks

Posted by Carolina on February 19, 2014

The Surprising Connection You Might Not Know About!

When I say the word yoga, what does it make you think of? Words that come to my mind are relaxation, energy, and maybe that I really should pick up that new mat I’ve been in desperate need of. A word that generally doesn’t come to mind is football, but after my discovery of this article, detailing the yoga practice of the Seattle Seahawks, that’s changed. With the aggressiveness and intensity football requires, I had never considered that legends like Russell Wilson (pictured above) and Marshawn Lynch need some help getting calm and centered just like the rest of us. But they do, and now I regard football with a somewhat different perspective thinking about them at the Renton training camp site doing chaturangas and Vinyasa flow sequences. Could part of why we brought home that Lombardi trophy be because we played with a good dose of yoga mixed in? I don’t know for sure, but I think the odds are pretty darn good.

Want to know more about the Seahawk yogis? Check out the links below!

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