Upward Dog Days of Summer

Posted by Patrick on July 22, 2015


Sometimes when summer life heats up, yoga time takes a hit. What’s needed is a jumpstart – a friendly push off the dock – inspiration to UP your summer yoga game. So challenge the Downward Dog Days of summer, unroll your mat, and lighten UP your Yoga practice. Here’s how:

  • Disrupt


If your practice is stagnant, change it!  Switch the time of day –Sign up for a class or festival if you have been practicing at home – Practice somewhere new – Try new poses – Alter your routine – Take that private class with your favorite instructor.  Disrupting your practice is about upgrading your Yoga experience.


  • Upgrade


Are you still using your first mat from five years ago? If so, it’s time for an UPGRADE! Sometimes inspiration comes with the motivation a new MAT or Yoga RUG can bring. Internally associate and connect your new mat as the turning point to your fresh new yoga path.

  • Discipline

For many, Yoga takes more than just motivation. It takes discipline. Yoga isn’t always about what you WANT to set your mind to; Disciplined Yoga is about the ACTION taken to achieve your yoga. The discipline vs. motivation philosophy, when properly applied, can help you focus for all aspects of life. Practicing discipline with Yoga might be the first step towards achieving your spectrum of goals and aspirations.

  • Share

Let your peeps on social media know your Yoga! Take a Yoga Selfie. You may find lost friends leaving comments over your shared interest of Yoga. Reply back by suggesting an afternoon filled with Yoga, Picnic, and Park. Socializing Yoga might bring out that extra inspiration to practice!


  • Barefoot


Take off your shoes: Because Yoga.


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