Why a Retreat is Better than Partying on Spring Break

Posted by Barefoot Blog Admin on March 21, 2016

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By Alberto Güitrón – Spring Break has been widely regarded as the party week par excellence. It’s the time of the year to go crazy and vacation in a warm location; to find a good concert on the beach, wear swimsuits all day, gather with a bunch of people, drink as much as your body can handle, wake up when the sun has long passed the zenith, and repeat the same schedule until your time and money are over.

Isn’t partying like that a bit overrated? Why would you want to get wasted, destroy your liver and come back home feeling like you need another Spring Break? There are definitely better ways to celebrate the beginning of spring than harming your body. One of the ways is to go on a yoga retreat. Not convinced? Then, here are 5 reasons why it is way better than partying all week long:

1. You Actually Get to Fully Experience Beautiful Places


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So, you’ve found the perfect party at the beach, surrounded by astonishing nature, happening exactly around sunset. Sounds great! However, we all know that you won’t really pay attention to those things around you once the first beer is poured. Soon, you won’t be in the best physical nor mental condition to actually appreciate it and will probably forget to turn your head west when the sun is setting.

On the other hand, during a yoga retreat you are always completely mindful to enjoy whichever destination you choose. And if you don’t think there are good enough places hosting a retreat, think twice, because Cancun, Austin, California, Ibiza and all the other popular Spring Break destinations, also offer several retreats the first few weeks of March.

2. You Would Feel Refreshed When You Return


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Partying is not easy. And if you have a truly committed party soul, a night that is worth it, should normally be over not earlier than 3 a.m. Going to bed after that time every single day could end up being very exhausting, no matter how young you are. With that rhythm, the vacations are over in the blink of an eye and you come back home begging for a Spring Break 2.0.

If you are going on a yoga retreat, it will be the total opposite. You come back fresh-minded, reenergized and in the best shape of your life. Isn’t it how everybody should feel after vacations?

3. You Make Friends That You Will Actually Remember


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Let’s get back to the brain-cells-destruction-factor of Spring Break partying. Granted, you might make an average of 10 new friends per minute at a party, but how many of them can you actually remember (or want to remember) the next day? Chances are that the number is close to 0.

A yoga retreat gives the opportunity to spend your whole time with the same group of people, really interacting and getting to know each other on a deeper level. Those people could end up being lifelong friends with whom you can have conversations not related to the amount of shots you’ve guzzled down.

4. Photos are better!


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Whether you have that artistic alter ego in the form of a photographer and want to capture the breathtaking views, or just want to show off on Instagram about the amazing Spring Break you had, you will probably want to take lots of pictures. The belief that artists work better under the influence of a substance is probably one of the biggest myths ever, you do need your five senses to capture the best photos!

And if you are not interested in holding a camera, you still look way better on a picture doing an impressive inversion, than holding a cup of a suspicious beverage with a distorted smile on your blurry-eyed face. You don’t want to share those memories with your family, do you?

5. You Make Good Use of Your Money and Free Time

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A never-ending party can be quite expensive, especially after a few drinks when you start losing control of your wallet. The saddest part is that most of the time it is gone forever with no valuable benefit in return. At a yoga retreat, most of what you need is usually included in the price you paid when you booked. And most importantly, you are investing in your wellness, your body and mind will surely appreciate it.

In addition, by going crazy over Spring Break you are not smartly taking advantage of your free time in a clever manner, because you can party at home any given weekend. For a yoga retreat, you would actually need some time off, so be wise and make good use of it. For you to take full advantage of your time off from school or your job, choose to be wise and make the most of your downtime by booking a yoga retreat!


Alberto Güitrón is a Community Manager at BookYogaRetreats.com. He is a committed yoga practitioner who still can’t touch the ground with his heels in Downward Dog. One day he’ll do it and he will probably write a story bragging about it.

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  1. Ana B. March 26, 2016 6:01 am

    You make an excellent point with this article. Since spring break is imagined as a way to recharge your batteries and relax, it seems completely contradictory that people decide to exhaust themselves both physically and mentally. Going on a yoga retreat is definitely the right thing to do with the free time you have since you will return home feeling amazing and ready to take any challenge that lays ahead of you.
    Also, friendships you make during a yoga retreat will most surely last longer, just like you have pointed out :)

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