Barefoot West Coast Yoga Tour

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on June 7, 2011

Smiling Dog Yoga

Smiling Dog building entrance

In April, we drove from southern California to Seattle and visited various yoga studios along the coast on the way. It was great to see customers of ours from way back in the 90’s :) and also meet for the first time some of our newer customers. Some were studios we had not heard of. When we stopped in towns for a bathroom break or to eat lunch, Dave would ask people randomly if there was a yoga studio they liked in town, and we would go take a class or stop in and check it out.

Smiling Dog's sleek main practice studio

One new and delightful discovery was Yoga Pearl Studio, in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. Now a new customer of ours and a truly unique and lovely space to practice!

One of our many stops was in beautiful San Luis Obispo where we spent the night and took an amazing Sunday morning class at Smiling Dog Studio, one of our long time customers and friends. We tried to convey the simple beauty and taste of this studio and their organic foods cafe in these photos. Also, Smiling Dog has the best Yoga boutique north of Santa Barbara.

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Smaller 2nd studio

Well-stocked Yoga Botique

Boutique featuring Barefoot Yoga products (Bags, Cushions, Rugs)

Outdoor cafe seating and mountain views

Lisa Terranova-Pitelli--an awesome yoga instructor and owner of Smiling Dog

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