Pick of the Week: Indian Rosewood Yoga Blocks

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on April 12, 2013

Grace’s Pick of the Week is our Indian Rosewood Yoga Blocks. “The Indian Rosewood block is made from the Shisham tree. It’s a sustainable hardwood that is readily available in India. It is prized for its luxurious looking dark heartwood. The varied grain and color makes each block unique. Its durability makes it a great prop for your practice.”

Yoga blocks add stability and length to your postures, and these Rosewood Blocks are lightweight and comfortably smooth to the touch. Indian Rosewood is very eco-friendly compared to other materials, because this species of tree grows very quickly, reaching up to 100 feet tall. Parts of the Shisham tree are used in Ayurvedic medicine to cure skin problems and other ailments.

Visit www.barefootyoga.com to purchase our Indian Rosewood Yoga Blocks, Eco-Friendly Bamboo Yoga Blocks, and other earth-conscious yoga props.

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