Yoga Supplies for Beginners

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on August 30, 2012

What do I need as a beginner to Yoga?

We always feel that a beginner to Yoga mainly needs an open mind and heart, and a nice surface to practice on. Any of our yoga mats would be suitable, but if you are just starting and not ready to make the investment in a higher end mat, try one of the basic and lower-priced sticky mats or thicker ultra mats as a good base for your practice.

We have some great beginners yoga DVDs and yoga reference books if you would like to start your own practice at home before venturing to a yoga studio. Once you determine you LOVE yoga and want to explore it deeper, depending on your level of flexibility and the type of yoga you pursue, you may want to purchase a yoga block and a yoga practice strap for deepening your postures. Beginners tend to find these very helpful.

Also, depending on the type of yoga, it is nice to have your own Mexican yoga blanket and bolster, however, many studios carry a supply of these.  Over time, you might find that you want to own your own yoga products to make them more personal to your practice, and also to have them available for your home practice.

Although you can wear any old sweat pants to practice Yoga in at any time, we do have some wonderfully comfortable yoga clothing for men, as well as soft and stylish yoga clothing for women, both which are especially designed for comfort and movement for your practice.

Enjoy the changes and benefits that yoga will bring to your life and we hope our products help to inspire your practice!

Yoga Supplies for Beginners

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