Barefoot Yoga’s Inspiring Teacher of the Month:
Tim Miller

Tim Miller

Tim Miller is the founder and director of the Ashtanga Yoga Center in Carlsbad, CA.  Tim has been studying and teaching Ashtanga Yoga for over 30 years.  He was the first American certified to teach Ashtanga by Pattabhi Jois – at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India.  Tim’s knowledge of this system is thorough, and he teaches it in a dynamic, yet compassionate and playful manner.  I have been fortunate to take classes from Tim on several occasions – at yoga conferences and at his home studio – then in Encinitas, CA.  Tim’s low-key approach, masterful adjustments, and deep insights make him among the best, and well worth a trip to San Diego – or wherever he is teaching – to study from this Ashtanga master.

Tim Miller and Guruji

“The practice itself, done consistently and accurately, is the real teacher.” ~ Tim Miller, Yoga Teacher

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This post was written by Barefoot Yoga on July 10, 2013

Yoga Behind Bars

Barefoot Yoga has the highest admiration for non-profit groups that heal and help through the practice of yoga. One very special organization is located in our very own state of Washington!

Yoga Behind Bars

Yoga Behind Bars is a non-profit organization in Washington state that holds yoga and meditation classes for incarcerated youth, women and men. Their mission is to bring self-awareness, healing and transformation for their students. They strive for love, respect, integrity, hope and safety behind bars and beyond. The students are given tools to cope with depression, addiction, anger, anxiety and loss of self-esteem. It is their vision that yoga would provide a pathway to freedom through deep healing and self-awareness.

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Featured Studio: Bikram Yoga of Seattle

Bikram Yoga Seattle

A longtime customer of Barefoot Yoga is Bikram Yoga of Seattle. The owners Kevin and Kathy both have a long history of practicing and teaching Bikram Yoga. Standing Bow Pulling PoseWith their main studio in the heart of Fremont neighborhood, they provide heated Hatha yoga classes to students at a variety of levels from beginners and advanced. They provide towel rentals, showers, and free filtered water.

For their classes, they recommend:

  • A full-size towel for practice
  • A yoga mat
  • A water bottle

At, we supply all of these products and much more. Check out our supply of yoga mats, Skidless yoga towels, water bottles and other yoga essentials!

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Barefoot Yoga Wholesale Customer of the Week:
Yoga Yoga

Barefoot Yoga Silk Sari ZafusBarefoot Yoga has been in business since 1996, and we supply yoga products to 4000+ yoga studios and stores worldwide. Some of the studios that we connected with in the early days have remained some of our best customers today! We’re Thankful for our wholesale customers, so we’d like to honor some of them in our new blog feature, Wholesale Customer of the Week.

Our first Wholesale Customer of the Week is:

  • Yoga Yoga
  • Customer since 2003
  • Founded by husband and wife Kundalini Yoga teachers Guru Karam and Mehtub Benton – after teaching classes in an extra room of their home
  • 5 locations in Austin, Texas
  • Hatha, Flow-based Hatha, Kundalini, Restorative, Bootcamp, Privates
  • “Locally Om’d since 1997”

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Yoga Oceanside loves our Mysore Practice Rugs!

Our friends at Yoga Oceanside studio have just gotten in some of our Mysore Practice Rugs, and the word is already spreading!

Here’s their post on Facebook yesterday:

“The beautiful new yoga rug/mats have just arrived along with some fun colored travel mats. Both to inspire your practice at home and when you travel.”

Mysore Practice Rugs at Yoga Oceanside

Pictured above at their store from left to right are the Bodhi, Masala, Calcutta, Goa, and our new Mysore Travel Practice Rug in green. Check out these and our other practice rugs at!

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Jois Yoga Shala’s Grand Opening

Mysore Practice Rugs and Jois Yoga Studio

Jois Yoga Shala‘s grand opening photos show many

Barefoot Yoga Mysore Practice Rugs in use in all their glory.

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Barefoot West Coast Yoga Tour

Smiling Dog Yoga

Smiling Dog building entrance

In April, we drove from southern California to Seattle and visited various yoga studios along the coast on the way. It was great to see customers of ours from way back in the 90′s :) and also meet for the first time some of our newer customers. Some were studios we had not heard of. When we stopped in towns for a bathroom break or to eat lunch, Dave would ask people randomly if there was a yoga studio they liked in town, and we would go take a class or stop in and check it out.

Smiling Dog's sleek main practice studio

One new and delightful discovery was Yoga Pearl Studio, in the Pearl District of Portland, OR. Now a new customer of ours and a truly unique and lovely space to practice!

One of our many stops was in beautiful San Luis Obispo where we spent the night and took an amazing Sunday morning class at Smiling Dog Studio, one of our long time customers and friends. We tried to convey the simple beauty and taste of this studio and their organic foods cafe in these photos. Also, Smiling Dog has the best Yoga boutique north of Santa Barbara.

Check out more photos by clicking below…

Read More…

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Studio Spotlight – Heaven Meets Earth

Welcome to our first “studio spotlight” post! Recently, we asked studio owners around the world how they make their studios more eco-friendly. One of the responses we received was from the owner of Heaven Meets Earth, Lisa Faremouth Weber.

Opened five years ago in Evanston, Illinois, Lisa’s vision for Heaven Meets Earth was to have an easily accessible studio for both kids and adults. She discovered a great spot in a residential part of town that was ideal for students to walk or bike to class. She also had the vision of creating an eco-friendly studio and chose to use all sustainable building materials for the construction, despite the higher costs. The studio has bamboo floors and low-to-no VOC paint. Water is available for students to fill their reusable water bottles and all paper products are made from recycled paper. Currently, Heaven Meets Earth is partnering with other businesses in Evanston to replace the older exit signs with LED signs.

The entire staff of the studio makes a conscious effort to turn off lights, whenever possible. They are also educated in eco-friendly practices, such as veganism, and share this knowledge with the community. Heaven Meets Earth has an Eco-Boutique that offers a wide array of products and uses email technology for receipts, rather than waste paper. As Lisa puts it, “Together we are creating community and setting an example of ways to care for the Earth and each other.”

We’re so inspired by the eco-efforts of studios around the world. We love to hear from studios and students, so feel free to send us an email about how your studio inspires you! Emails can be sent to


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