Our 10 Favorite Eco-Friendly Yoga Products

We show our love and appreciation for the Earth all year round, but during Earth Awareness Month (every April), we like to make a celebration out of it! This year, we wanted to share ten of our favorite eco-friendly yoga props with our fellow yogis – from mats, to blankets, to clothing, and more! And, with our 25% off Spring Yoga Sale – running from now through Sunday, May 1st – these items won’t break the bank!

1. The Original Eco Yoga Mat



This mat is as natural as it gets – it’s even biodegradable! It’s a super textured, supremely grippy yoga mat made from all natural rubber tapped from rubber trees and woven with natural jute fibers. Rated #1 by the New York Times (and by many yogis), this mat is sure to help you feel grounded and close to earth during your practice.

2. Cork Yoga Block


Sustainably harvested from natural cork trees, our Cork Yoga Blocks are essential for every yogi’s prop collection! With a great, firm feel and awesome traction, we can’t help but find ourselves choosing these before a hot yoga class or a few outdoor poses.

 3. Women’s Yoga Clothing by Manduka


Made for yoga by yogis! We love this environmentally conscious, yet fabulously comfy and cute new collection of women’s clothing by Manduka! With everything from tanks to tops to wraps in a variety of recycled polyester, hemp, and organic cotton, you can’t go wrong. A couple of our favorites? The Open Back Top (30% Hemp/70% Organic Cotton) and the Essential Legging (65% Recycled Polyester/22% Polyester/13% Spandex) shown above!

4. Natural Jute & PER Yoga Mat


This mat is great for any yoga who loves an easy-to-clean mat with textured grip and all natural materials! Made from PER (polymer environmental resin) and sturdy, natural jute fibers, this mat is incredibly durable and cleans up after even the hottest yoga classes with just a quick wipe down! (Yoga Mat Cleansing Wipe, anyone?)

 5. Mexican Yoga Blankets


Made from a blend of recycled cotton and acrylic fibers, our signature Mexican Yoga Blankets are sturdy enough for prop use in any class, while still comfortable enough to use as a throw on your couch! Available in three beautiful designs (solid, striped, and solid with thunderbird), these colorful blankets are sure to become a beloved favorite.

6. Eco-Friendly Foam Yoga Blocks


These are our go-to blocks when out and about, and at only 0.5 pounds each they couldn’t be easier to bring along anywhere you want to practice! These blocks are one of our favorite tried-and-true classics that are friendly to the planet and produce no toxic emissions during production. And, with their textured surface and vibrant color options, they can’t be beat!

7. Hybrid Eco Yoga Mats



Everything an earth-conscious yogi could ask for in a classic sticky mat! This is one of our favorite signature mats, both for its grip, its environmental friendliness, and its budget friendly price! Plus, it’s available in three thicknesses – 1/8”, 1/6”, and ¼”, so there’s sure to be a size to fit any yogi’s practice!

8. Mysore Practice Rugs


Our classic Mysore Practice Rugs are woven with 100% all natural cotton yarn, and provide a wonderfully textured and sturdy surface to help you stay grounded throughout your practice. Perfect for use over any yoga mat, our colorful, earth-friendly rugs will absorb sweat, keeping you steady during even the sweatiest practices! Or, try using it solo during an outdoor practice – the natural woven feel of the rug combined with the closeness of the earth is one of our favorite ways to spend a beautiful morning!

 9. Bamboo Yoga Blocks



Our beautiful, ecologically harvested Bamboo Yoga Blocks are a wonderful prop for any studio or home! Sturdier than many types of standard wood, these blocks provide supreme durability and are much friendlier to our forests than wood harvested using traditional logging methods.

 10. E.C.O. Mat by Prana



We love these lightweight – yet super comfy and supportive – yoga mats by Prana! At only 2.4 pounds, they provide a solid ¼” thickness, which makes them ideal for yogis who prefer an extra supportive mat, but don’t want to be held back by too much weight! They’re also made using entirely non toxic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and are recyclable and biodegradable!

For all of your eco-friendly yoga prop needs, come visit us today at BarefootYoga.com!

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Best products for a better yoga practice

It all begins the moment we roll out the mat, but hold the pose—not every practice leaves you feeling blissful and ready to take on the world. So what makes one practice feel like a path to enlightenment, and another a struggle to get through? Maybe it isn’t so much about the teacher, the studio or you, but about the products we can use to get the most out of a yoga session. Here are some great items to keep the yoga in the Yogi and Yogini.

  • Yoga Mat – It really does all begin the moment you roll out your mat finding the right mat for me was what set me up for the best practices I can think of. The Original Eco Yoga Mat is simply one of the best and most earth-conscious yoga mats available today, it even feels like you are walking barefoot on earth. There are no chemical additives used and its rubber underside grips the floor while the jute offers superb traction even in a heavy sweat. It is a highly durable, tactile, and provides a pleasant surface to practice on.



  • Yoga Towels – Sometimes yoga practice can get a little sweaty and slippery, the Skidless Yoga Towel is designed specifically for yoga practice to prevent slipping and is especially nice and compact for travel. When the room heats up and your Vinyasa is in full flow, lay this towel from over your mat to keep yourself from slipping.



  • Yoga Socks – And other times when a towel is just not enough or you cant seem to find a yoga towel around, these functional and durable slip-free yoga socks will keep your feet covered and comfortable, they are quite travel friendly as well since you are able to just throw them on quickly. The silicone dots on the sole stabilize and grip your yoga mat, floor or any surface during your practice! They’re perfect for yoga, Pilates and Barre.



  • Yoga Clothing – My best yoga experience also started when I changed my regular sports bra, t-shirt and leggings to nicely fitted and breathable yoga inspired clothing. Feel comfortable and current in the latest collection by OMgirl their soft, breathable blend of organic cotton and lycra make these one of best yoga clothing out there! – A must-have for the avid yogi.



  • Yoga Blocks – When you need that extra support for a deeper and stronger practice think about using Yoga Blocks, yoga blocks provide the stability needed for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength. These eco-friendly foam blocks add stability and length to your postures. Lightweight, durable and easy to grip the eco-friendly foam yoga block is also made from the highest quality, non-toxic material with no chemical odor.




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5 Best Halloween Costumes for Doing Yoga In

It’s that time of year again! A time filled with spooky fun, crunchy leaves, and delicious candy (fun sized only, please).

Below are our five favorite DIY Halloween costumes for you and all the spooky, Halloween-loving yogis in your life!

*Please note that all of the costume ideas below have been carefully curated for the utmost comfort and flexibility in case you need to strike a yoga pose – as we at Barefoot Yoga often do.

1. Skeleton


We love this cute and classic look! Start by throwing on a pair of black leggings and a long-sleeved black top. Then, click here for awesome DIY instructions on how to easily add the bones! This costume can be used time and again for a comfy and cute Halloween look. However, if you’d prefer not to paint on a beloved set of yoga clothes, you can also try this DIY method, which only involves cutting up an old tee instead of painting directly on fabric.

 2. “Downward Facing” Dog


Puns! Who doesn’t love ‘em? Only people who wouldn’t dress up as one, that’s who!

What’s needed in this costume, you ask? Your favorite leggings, top, wrap (if it’s chilly, which it probably is) and a stuffed dog. Step 1? Affix stuffed dog upside down on shirt using a strap set up or glue. Step 2? Done.

 3. Black Cat


Me-ow! With the recent popularity of feline yoga classes, cats and yogis have never paired better. Check out this slideshow, which has a variety of different cat costume makeup looks! And, if you’re feeling extra frisky (pun intended) pick up some cat ears and a tail from your local costume shop!

4. Celebrity leaving yoga class


Head down, fast walk, sunglasses on, yoga mat bag over shoulder. Ideal if your main focus is to slip unnoticed through a crowd of festive and be-costumed people (perhaps to get home for scary movie watching) rather than join them.

5. Marathon runner


Comfiness alert! Throw on your fav yoga pants, some medals from assorted spelling bee and singing competitions from your childhood, and you’re good to go. (For extra authenticity, print out a marathon bib online to pin to your top!)

Costume Modification: If you are actually a marathon runner, please proceed using your own medals and ignore our suggestions.


Have a happy and safe Halloween, yogis!

To find all of the cute and comfy clothing and yoga props needed to complete your yoga-ful Halloween look, visit us today at barefootyoga.com!

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This post was written by Carolina on October 27, 2015