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Posted by Grace on May 15, 2014

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, here are some stretches to help with that pain. The simplest is to hold your hands in prayer pose, palms together in front of your sternum. Slowly lower your hands to your waist, as far down as your hands will go without separating the heels of your hands. You should feel a stretch under your forearms.


If your wrists are flexible enough, you can try the reverse namaste.

Reverse Namaste

One of the best exercises that worked for me is the stretch below. Keep your arm straight with the wrist below waist level. Gently pull the hand back toward you. To take it further, spread your fingers of your straight arm, and then using the other hand, gently pull back each of the fingers. Be sure to keep the fingers spread wide while you do this. When stretching the thumb, be sure to pull from behind the open palm.

Wrist Stretch

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