Yoga and Art: A Natural Partnership

Posted by Carolina on February 28, 2014

If you’re in the Bay Area and feeling the need for a little extra culture this weekend, or better yet, the need for culture and yoga, you’re in luck! Head down to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco and check out their new exhibit Yoga: The Art of Transformation. This show covers centuries of yoga practice and philosophy from the 2nd to the 20th centuries. The collection comes from 25 museums and private collectors from U.S., Europe and India. It features artwork, sculptures, print and film among its many highlights.

This could probably go unsaid, but I highly recommend hopping on a train, plane, or automobile (preferably a bike or a bus though) and checking it out. It’s amazing to see how relevant yoga has become in the modern hustle and bustle of our society today, and the revered place it has retained in our culture. It is touted as the “world’s first major art exhibition about yoga”, and I think that says it all.

Yoga: The Art of Transformation opens February 21st and runs until May 25th.

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

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