Spring Cleaning and Saucha

Posted by Barefoot Yoga on May 21, 2013

We are spring cleaning at Barefoot Yoga! It calls to mind the first niyama, saucha. In its most simplistic translation, it means ‘purity’ or ‘cleanliness’. Some would say it means living a healthy lifestyle and engaging in activities that are purifying. There are many practical applications of saucha, such as de-cluttering your home, using kind words or having positive thoughts. We should also look to our SELF and ask if there is something we should let go – an attitude, a habit or an emotion.


“But more important than the physical cleansing of the body is the cleansing of the mind of its disturbing emotions like hatred, passion, anger, lust, greed, delusion and pride… This internal cleansing gives radiance and joy. It brings benevolence and banishes mental pain, dejection, sorrow and despair.”

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