Yogis & Tattoos: A Beautiful and Personal Expression of Yoga, Art, and Spirituality

Posted by Carolina on June 22, 2015

Tattoos can be a way of expressing many things – belief, spirituality, personal growth, memories, love, and much more. They can be used to mark a significant event in a person’s life, or as an expression of an important value or ideology.

Tattooing has been practiced since Neolithic times, and its importance seems likely to extend far into the future.

There are many symbols that resonate and have meaning for yogis across the globe, and as a form of deeply personal and artistic expression some decide to add one, two, or many, of these beautiful and significant designs to their body.




1. Om symbol


The sacred mantra, believed to have first been used in the Upanishads. Om represents all that has been, is, and will be.


2. Hamsa

download (1)


A sacred design symbolizing protection from the evil eye, and blessing the wearer with strength and power.


3. Pink Lotus Flower



In Hinduism, the pink lotus flower, also know as Padma (the sacred lotus), represents beauty, purity, divinity, and the expansion of one’s soul. It is a symbol associated with many Hindu gods and goddesses, such as Lakshmi and Vishnu.


4. Just Breathe



Focusing on breath is an intrinsic part of yoga practice and meditation.


5. Namaste


A greeting used often by Hindus in India, as well as many people internationally. A respectful, warm, and welcome greeting used for both hello and goodbye, namaste is used as an expression that honors the light, beauty, and divinity in the person you are directing it towards.


6. Sanskrit Wording


Sanskrit wording from ancient yogic texts, such as the Bhagavad Gita, or simply Sanskrit wording meaningful to one’s self, is a striking and meaningful tattoo.

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